Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sunday fun: first trade post of the new year

So my first real post of 2012 is an excellent occasion:  my first trade of the young year.  Kevin of the excellent Mojo Beard and a fan of all things Minnesota was interested in the Joe Webb auto I pulled from my plethora of 2010 Press Pass PE blisters a few weeks ago.  That led to a trade wherein I received the following:
An old Tigers hero and a new one; I'm curious to see what happens to Young and whether or not the Detroit playoff slugger will stick around.  Add to that the linchpins of the Lions' offense and one of the best WR-QB combos in the whole league--Calvin Johnson and Matthew Stafford.  I haven't seen a Calvin Jr. this good since some guy named Ripken manned SS for the Orioles.

And then there was this card, which was the main reason for the deal as far as I was concerned:
Alphabetically the first card in my Tigers PC, it's an Al Kaline 2005 Donruss Champions bat.  This is my first relic of Mr. Tiger and I'm absolutely thrilled to have something this nice of the Hall of Fame Detroit legend.  When you consider what I gave up (which, hopefully Kevin will show off after it arrives since it took me longer to put it together than it did for Kevin to get my stuff to me) I thought it was very generous on Kevin's part to send this my way, so I really appreciate it!

There was one more card in the package, to but to see it you'll have to head over to my other blog, Too Many Manninghams.

A big thanks goes out to Kevin for starting off the new year with a bang thanks to a great trade.  Make sure to keep following one of the top-notch card blogs there is over at the Mojo Beard.


  1. Nice Haul. I freaked out momentarily and thought that there was a 1989 UD Tigers card that I didn't know about (Cobb). A quick google search proved me wrong, but I was not happy about the prospect of reorganizing my binders to accommodate!

  2. Thanks for the kind words. It would take me about 30 posts to get up all the goodies you sent me.