Sunday, December 18, 2011

2010 Press Pass PE football Blister Packs (x25)

Two Saturdays ago I hit up Meijer and found something new and interesting to try:  blister packs of 2010 Press Pass Portrait Edition football.  I pulled two of the one-per-pack autographs (James Starks and Rusty Smith) and thought they might be fun to buy again.

Flash forward to this afternoon when I made another required trip to my favorite store, armed with more Santa Bucks coupons.  Again, nothing else appealed to me in the card aisle, but on a whim I decided to price check the Press Pass PE packs to see what they'd ring up at since that's how I verified they were 20% off last time.  I was more than a bit surprised, then, when the formerly $14.99 packs came up at $5.59 apiece.  Thinking the one I had grabbed was a fluke I tried two more, and sure enough, they pulled up the same price.

Well I sure didn't need more of a kick in the pants than that!  I promptly cleaned that particular store out of all 15 packs they had.  After busting those, encouraged by what I had pulled, I hit up another store and grabbed 10 more--out of the roughly 25 they had on hand there, I mean I was trying to show SOME restraint.  That explains why you see "only" 15 of the 25 packs above, by the way.

Before I show off just the hits from these, I'll give you a quick update on the rest of the stuff from this set having now opened 27 packs:

  • Set 1 completion:  42/50
  • Set 2 completion:  28/50
  • Extras:  13 trips, 4 quads, 1 quint
  • Blue parallel:  20/50 with 7 doubles (1:pack)
  • Headliners:  6/34, 2 doubles (1:3)
  • Class of 2010:  4/10, 1 double (1:6)
  • Face to Face:  7/20 (1:3)
And now, the hits:

Yes, I really did pull FIVE autos of Joe Webb.  Two more of James Starks definitely made up for that, though, as he's one of the better ones in the set.  The Stafon Johnson and Chris McGaha Reds are alternate versions of the basic Gold autographs.  Spiller is the hit of the break here, a Wal-Mart Exclusive auto (hilarious since I never set foot in that hellhole) numbered 02/25.  Clausen, talentless emu that he is, is a Gold version of the jersey insert numbered 193/199, while Benn and Canfield are the base versions of the jerseys.

All told, I finished with only three jerseys, which is better than I could have hoped in my wildest dreams.  The three Starks and the Spiller (if I can ever determine a value) may net me some useful cash or bring something nice in trade.  As usual, everything you see above is available for sale or trade but it'll take a bit of time for me to get everything put up on my football FS/FT album; that shouldn't stop you from making offers should you desire.

I'm not currently posting base set wantlists because I may go back for a few more of these packs before all is said and done, and hopefully I'll eventually hit something bigger, be it the Donovan Warren auto (the lone Wolverine) or the big guns--autos of Sam Bradford and Tebow of Nazareth.  Even if I don't, these are a blast to break and are light years ahead of the shit Topps keeps spewing out.  Let's see, blaster of worthless tripe or three of these?  Decisions, decisions....


  1. you know, I think sometimes the collation machines at these card places are wacky. One time, I busted a boxes of Baseball Heroes, and got 3 cards of the same that were numbered to 30 or something like that.

  2. I would tarde for one or two of the Joe Webbs if you are interested. I am sure i can put together a nice selection of Detroit favorites for ya.