Sunday, October 16, 2011

Seeing Red

No, the title of the post doesn't refer to the Tigers' season going out with a whimper last night--I could've told you Leylandball would doom the Tigers sooner or later, though maybe not that spectacularly.

It also doesn't reference Michigan's fourth straight loss to Michigan State, though it could apply to the embarrassing performance by the Spartans' hired goons attacking Michigan's offense with cheap shot after cheap shot--I'm sure no one was surprised by that display given the devil-may-care attitude of the NCAA's most deplorable coach, Mark Dantonio.

No, today it's a reference to a positive experience, actually.  While taking a peek at the show schedule for my usual card show haunt, I found out that a favorite Michigan Man of mine would be appearing, so on that short notice, I threw on a jersey and hauled ass out to Taylor, and just $10 later, with literally no line, this was my experience:

That's legendary Michigan coach Red Berenson signing my Michigan game-used puck, one I nabbed after it flipped over the glass near my seats during one of the seasons when I had student tickets. (I can't remember who we were playing, honestly)  I didn't pursue a picture with Red, one of college hockey's top three coaches ever and winner of two championships, but I did snap this pic as he signed my puck.  Red was very friendly, which is more than I can say for a few of my in-person autographs, and combined with my not having to wait at all, this was an extremely positive experience for me.  The result:

Also, here's the back if it's of any interest to some of you who are fans of the (soon-to-be-gone) CCHA:

I also picked up a nice number of singles, but out of character for me, most were vintage.  I'll show all of those off in the next couple days, but for now, please enjoy the awesomeness of Michigan hockey coach and Red Wings star Gordon "Red" Berenson.

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  1. A true legend. A great piece for your collection.