Saturday, October 15, 2011

Michigan gameday: vs. Michigan State; Tigers ALCS game 6

Go Tigers?  GO TIGERS!:

Detroit travels back to Arlington for the first of (hopefully) two do-or-die, win or go home games against the Rangers.  PLEASE WIN THESE GAMES, DETROIT!

College football:  Hate Week Jr.:  

It's not yet time for the Game--that'll be in a few weeks--but this one's pretty large with Paul Bunyan's Axe and lots and lots of pride at stake.  It's time for Michigan to reclaim its rightful place as the state's flagship team while the Spartans go back to wearing popped collars, calling you "brah" and burning couches.

Other interesting games (aka what I'll be doing all day):
  • #20 Baylor at #21 Texas A&M, 12
  • #6 OK State at #22 Texas, 3:30
  • Ohio State at #16 Illinois, 3:30
  • #18 Arizona State at #9 Oregon
But first up is the day's best game.  On that note, LET'S GO BLUE!!!

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