Saturday, October 8, 2011

Michigan gameday: at Northwestern; plus Tigers-Rangers ALCS game 1

Yankees lose!  THEEEEEEEE Yankees lose!:

So Detroit did about 95% percent of the country a favor and ousted the Yankees in an exciting ALDS game 5 on Thursday.  It was pretty touch and go for a while, but if you beat the odds and find yourself getting outmanaged by Jim Leyland, your prognosis is not so good.

I must say I'm thrilled--this team has come a long way this season, and I say the more chances you can throw the Verlander/Cabrera combo at a World Series chance, the better.  I'm not sure what to expect against Texas--my untrained eye thinks the Tigers can handle the Texas pitching enough to give our starters leads to work with, but what do I know?

Revisiting my playoff predictions, I got the Brewers right, correctly predicting the five-game series; like many others, I'm sure, I wrongly picked the Phillies; my "upset" pick of Tampa over Texas failed; and I got the right team but wrong number of games in the Tigers-Yanks duel.

My new predictions:  Brewers over Cards in 6, Tigers over Rangers in 5, Tigers over Brewers in 6.  Surely these guesses will not come back to haunt me in any way, shape or form.

Tonight Justin Verlander takes the hill for the Tigers in a must-win game one.  Go Tigers!

It's Saturday, college football time!:

A few interesting games highlight this football Saturday:
  • #3 Oklahoma @ #11 Texas in the Red River Shootout, 12
  • #17 Florida @ #1 LSU, 3:30
  • #15 Auburn @ #10 Arkansas, 7
  • Ohio State @ #14 Nebraska, 8 (if nothing, to see OSU get further humiliated)

Michigan heads to Evanston to play Northwestern in a night game for some reason.  The #12 Wolverines are surely overrated in the polls, but nobody with a brain pays attention to them at this point in the season anyway.  I'm anxious to see how we do on the road, but I think we'll be all right in the end and win by a couple scores.


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