Monday, October 3, 2011

A great time to be a sports fan in Michigan?

Who else would I start with?:

Michigan pantsed Minnesota 58-0 (and that was being charitable thanks to some field goals, a couple punts and, of course, finally getting some backups in) and my Wolverines are 5-0.  While I'm sure an undefeated season is just about out of the question, this is still a very encouraging start.  As always, IT'S GREAT TO BE A MICH-I-GAN WOLV-ER-INE!

In other college football news...:

Not only did the Buckeyes lose again, once again in embarrassing fashion--the team that beat them, Michigan's little brother Michigan State, was embarrassingly bad as well.  Please to enjoy this gem from the always hilarious EDSBS.  Excerpt:

Matt: Dantonio can't coach, but he hates humanity with a burning passion and that's what makes him the moderately successful and extremely lonely person he is.
In other college sports news:

Defending second place-finisher (damn you, Minnesota St.!) Michigan hockey kicks off their regular season tomorrow night against Niagara.  I'm hoping for another Frozen Four appearance, but since it's too early to be thinking about that, here's an example of the best college sports intermission tradition IN THE WORLD: (suck it, Badgers with your "jumping around") 

The Lions don't have a word for "winning" yet, so for now we're calling it "unlosing":

Well, I guess I covered it yesterday, but what a great comeback by the Lions.  Bonus genius response to a post entitled "Things Rob Ryan can eat":  "He can't eat his foot...that's already on his brother's menu." (courtesy of hiflew)  Johnny, for that comment you get

Yay Tigers, yay Curtis/boo Curtis:

The Tigers split with the Yankees in a water-logged pair of games.  Good ol' Grandy sure made a statement in the Bronx, but Miguel Cabrera and Papa Grande had the last laugh.  Valverde then made a tongue-in-cheek guarantee that the Tigers had this thing in the bag, inspiring me to create this guy:

Because of the weather weirdness, game three will be tonight, sans off day, in Detroit, with the Hamburglar facing Jesus Verlander. (for reals this time, we promise)  Go Tigers, and for the love of God, Leyland, DON'T SCREW THIS UP FOR US!

Does this blog still talk about cards?  I wanna talk about cards:

Careful what you ask for--I have major shipments from COMC and SportLots, plus something from eBay and maybe even from Blowout on the way.  Expect to see a nice uptick in card-related content in the next week to 10 days!

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