Thursday, October 20, 2011

Card show report: 10/16, a very good vintage, or, You Can Call Me Al

As promised, here's a look at my card show haul I'm blogging about as I cheer for Albert Pujols and the Cardinals to take down Josh Hamilton's Rangers:

Baseball relics:
Here's a gorgeous Frank Robinson manupatch from 2004 Sweet Spot Classic, #d 260/300.  This was totally worth the $4 I threw down on it, and it was surprisingly the only baseball relic I picked up that day.

Hockey relics:
This here is an Al Montoya 2005-06 UD Rookie Threads jersey that I picked up from the same seller who had the Robinson above.  I'm working on getting more stuff of his because he was a star goalie here, but especially since he's finally seeing some playing time in the NHL.

Bill Freehan stuff:I've been trying to get back into finding his stuff because I'd like to get at least one of each of his vintage cards, plus as many of his hits as possible, someday.  Between a couple sellers I came up with these:

The seller who had a ton of vintage stuff I bought (upcoming) had this in-person auto (with COA) of Freehan on a 1988 Domino's Tigers 1968 World Series set.  I got a deal on it from him because of the other stuff I bought.  I know have three Freehan autos, which I think is pretty cool.
1968 Topps All-Star
1969 Topps All-Star
1969 Topps
1970 Topps All-Star
1971 Topps
I'll scan whatever else I have of him soon and post it up here, probably when I get more organized and get something set up for my individual player collections.

Other Detroit Tigers:

A couple of the cards you see above and everything else from here on out came from one guy who had a ton of ridiculously cheap (due to generally poor condition) vintage cards.  I'm talking about most of them being 90% off.  My dearth of vintage was cured in one single bound and I may go back for more at the next show.  I was glad that I put some money towards these rather than wasting it on hits since nothing impressed me this time, and I think that proves I'm not entirely entranced by autographs and jerseys.  By the by, please check on my growing vintage collection getting scanned right over here. (and on the right sidebar with all the other albums)

1975 Topps 3000th hit
1968 Topps 1967 AL Batting Leaders
1964 Topps 1963 AL RBI Leaders
Darrell Evans 1970 Topps RC
Evans was a part of the 1984 World Series champs, having joined the team as a free agent in the off-season.  He had statistically better seasons before and after 1984, but it was still a great year for him in a career during which he hit more than 400 HR.

1960 Topps team checklist
1969 Topps 1968 World Series Game 7
 This seemed as good a way as any to celebrate the 1968 champs.

Vintage RCs:

This Fergie Jenkins RC is obviously not in the greatest shape, but it's still pretty nice to have a rookie of another HOF pitcher.

An off-center but still desirable RC of Keith Hernandez. (along with future Tigers manager Phil Garner tagging along)  Gotta love the colorful 1975 design, and better yet, the good ol' multiplayer RCs.  By the way, Hernandez's top two comparisons are Wally Joyner and Mark Grace, making them a great trio of Hall of Very Good players.
This 1975 Topps Yount RC (in which he always looks like he's wearing a Michigan hat due to the logo of that era) has a nice fat crease going through it, but I thought it was still a nice buy for as cheaply as I picked it up.  I do have a copy in much better condition, although it's the mini version.

Everything else:
1971 Topps Orioles World Champions/checklist
1968 Topps All-Star
1968 Topps Game
1969 Topps All-Star
1970 Topps All-Star
1973 Topps
1975 Topps
1968 Topps Game
1967 Topps
1967 Topps
1966 Topps star rookie
1969 Topps
1959 Topps
1962 Topps
So as you can see, I ended up with a ton of HOFers, especially a couple Orioles greats.  As I mentioned, the condition on most of these isn't terribly great, but when you consider I didn't pay more than $6 for any of them and spent an average of about $2-$3 per card, you might agree that I did pretty well.  I didn't buy these to grade or sell anyway--they'll have a happy home in my growing vintage collection.

I'm happy to have found something else to collect that will add some quality and diversity to my collection.  I have quite a few options here, pursuing Tigers, especially Kaline and Freehan, some of my other favorites like the Oriole Robinsons, and Hall-of-Famers in general.  I'm really excited about the last two because they're relatively old (something I can't say about most of my collection) and they highlight historic moments for two legendary players.  That happily gives me more to get excited about than random hits at future shows!


  1. I'm glad you're getting into vintage now we can help each other comb through boxes. Nice pick ups btw!

  2. Even though you're rooting against my Rangers, I'll have to comment...great vintage pickups. I love that '69 Freehan! Something is up with Blogger images, I can't see half the scans on this post or mine.

  3. I have always loved the '75 Yount. My favorite part is the faint radio/power-line tower in the background