Sunday, October 23, 2011

2011 Topps football value box

I hadn't busted anything in a while so while I was at Meijer today I grabbed one of those Topps football value boxes, the ones that come with a nice assortment of stuff.  For $20 you get:
  • 11 packs of 12 cards of 2011 Topps football
  • Two "exclusive rookie Refractors" (I think these are always the same two)
  • One guaranteed Super Bowl Giveaway code card
Here's what I got:
  • 103 different base cards, 13 doubles
  • One spectacularly damaged card whose top each must've been smashed by the pack sealing portion of the process
  • My two guaranteed rookie Refractors, (Newton and Gabbert) both of which are definitely available, so make me an offer
  • Three total Super Bowl Giveaway cards, including my one guaranteed by the package (Tom Brady, the last one I needed for yet another complete set of those) which produced two useless virtual items and one card (see below)
  • Two Super Bowl Legends inserts I needed (Biletnikoff and Dent) plus one other I didn't
  • The last card I needed for my fourth base set (Alex Green)
  • Six base cards I needed for set #5 (meaning I still need 60 69 142 171 229 357 385)
  • Another Cam Newton RC (also available)
  • One Gold parallel, a Dexter McCluster
  • TWO Faces of the Franchise inserts of Peterson/Harvin (plus one other)
  • More inserts I didn't need:  three Game Day, two ToppsTown
  • Two Minis (Steve Smith (Giants) and Bilal Powell)
The aforementioned Super Bowl Giveaway card was this:
Ottis Anderson from Super Bowl XXV.  I'm actively trying to trade it but likely won't be able to, so if nothing else I'll get it shipped with my other six cards and make it available then. (probably to Mike, right?)
Update:  I flipped the Anderson for a Marques Colston from XLIV.  That might still go to Mike, but at least it's a player I can appreciate more.  Hooray for trading!

Overall I thought this was a great value.  I didn't need very many cards from it, but to be fair, I previously purchased a case.  The number of doubles was a tad high, but for what you get, $20 is a fair price, and I do recommend grabbing one of these whether you're building the set or not.

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