Friday, July 29, 2011

Thorzul to the rescue

After I bought a bunch of blasters of 2008 UD Heroes baseball (here and here) I was left with a ton of doubles and a fairly substantial wantlist.  Then, in a seemingly unrelated development, I was checking out Thorzul's wantlists and noticed that he needed a 2010 Topps Update Vintage Legends of Nolan Ryan that I had.  I offered it up, gratis, along with a bunch of his beloved Brewers since I figured he's always good for a trade package, plus I like seeing people complete sets.

Baseball card karma (cardma?) smiled upon me today when he returned the favor with almost 50 cards I needed for my Heroes set, knocking the wantlist down from something depressing to something way more manageable:  7 8 17 77 101 109 115 118 119 120 135 138 139 188 189.  Yep, I'm now down to 15 cards, which I can probably do before long on Sportlots the next time I get the urge to finish up a pile of sets.

Here's a few highlights of what Bill sent me from this spiffy looking set:

Here we've got a great new Ripken (although I have a jersey version); a great Verlander celebrating what was at the time his only no-hitter; three Brewers, which I thought I'd note since it's kind of funny getting Milwaukee players back from Thorzul; a pair of Cardinal all-time greats; and a pair of multi-player cards, which are my favorites in the set:  Yaz/Fisk/Boggs ("A Trio of Red Sox Greats") and Jeter/Griffey/Ripken/Ichiro ("A Quartet of Outstanding Team Leaders") which might be the best quad card in the set.

And here are the duos:  Mattingly/Boggs, who were rivals for quite a while (and "A Pair of American League Batting Leaders"); Eddie Murray and Prince Fielder ("A Pair of First Base Sluggers"), a comparison that's kind of stretching it a bit considering how vastly different their styles are (also, another Brewer from Thorzul); Steve Carlton/Johan Santana ("A Pair of Strikeout Southpaws"), a combo that's not bad but a bit iffy; and finally, Bob Gibson/Jake Peavy ("A Pair of Intimidating Strikeout Artists"), one of the more egregious comparisons in my opinion, not even taking into account Peavy's performance since this card was made.  For all my complaints I still like seeing these multi-player cards, and the trios and quads are definitely my favorites.

I really appreciate the help getting work done on another set, so hats off to Thorzul for another great trade, and a big thanks too!

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