Monday, July 25, 2011

Tenets of Wilson in the House (get it?)

So more than a month ago, Matt from Tenets of Wilson saw my post about my so-so 2010 Topps Update baseball hobby box.  That turned out to be a good thing because he had a little something I like to call "every single card I needed to finish the set," which was 53 cards and therefore not exactly chopped liver.  He forwarded me on to his wantlists to facilitate a trade, which wasn't exactly difficult seeing as how he needed a few hundred 2008 Topps, and I just happened to have a staggering quantity of those from my previous box escapes.  Today, that very trade package came, and I present to you the highlights:

(Note:  they actually have top edges, I just did a crappy job scanning)
OMFG it's a Strasburg RC I'm rich!  I quit my job and have already put a down payment on a yacht because this card is literally gold and oh, right, he got hurt and his name isn't Bryce Harper.  Yeah, that's the infamous Strasburg #661 from the flagship base, the card that got put up on the mega crap giveaway first and then eventually inserted into Update packs to nerf the card (that's probably the only time you'll see that term on my blog--I don't even play MMORPGs).  The second Strasburg is one of like 50 in the set, but at least it isn't the "Merry Strasmas" version, right?  Highlight #3 is a sweet looking AJax rookie debut card, which I like very much.

So considering my collation in that box, plus my happiness over finishing something, I'm thrilled to have another set in the books.  But that's not all Matt sent me--he also pulled a few nice Tigers cards that'll bolster my PC:

Another great scanning job, well done!  I like the mix of players here, even the Santiago since I like numbered parallels of teams and players I collect.  The Cobb Vintage Legends is definitely my favorite because I need more of him.  The Hank/Davis card gets the usual "WTF, Topps?" award for the package.  The back of the card says they're both Jewish and have the same build but don't bat from the same side.  So apart from the minor inconvenience of statistics, this is another obvious comparison that Topps knew collectors would love (I'd better watch it--jj, the MojoBeard's new resident troll/poet laureate/dribble-hater may accuse me of unfair criticism of Topps) and therefore had to produce.  In all seriousness, another Greenberg is great to have.  Finally, I've held onto a bunch of those hologram discs like the Tigers logo up there, but I don't think I actually had a Detroit one left, so that was actually pretty cool to get as well.

All in all, a pretty nice package that earns an easy A for finishing one of my sets and allowing me to get some use out of my own set-fillers.  Head on over to Matt's blog and do some trading with him yourself when you get the chance.  Thanks, Matt!

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