Friday, June 24, 2011

Thoughts and Sox somehow knew I'm Italian

My second (and possibly last) trade post of the month comes courtesy of Adam of Thoughts and Sox.  I made it pretty clear that I had a bunch of Sawx stuff available and he went ahead with sending me a trade package first.  After I opened it, I figured he was trying to tell me he knew I'm part Italian...
Pictured:  Silver Brian Griese, Red Brian Griese, QBert Brian Griese, Bob Griese's son Brian and time-traveling Brian Griese
Here comes the greaseball!

More stuff:  Protected Brian Griese, helmet-butted Brian Griese, draft pick Brian Griese, levitating Brian Griese and John Elway's heir apparent (Brian Griese)
And now a quick break from that for an unrelated video:

With that out of the way, we continue:
Oversized Brian Griese
You know, I'm starting to think the guy's being a fargin icehole...

Ah, some 100% American '87 Leaf Tigers.  Well, the cards are Canadian, but the Tigers are 110% AMURIKAN!  But I still have a few funny Italian videos left, all from Family Guy, so enjoy:

All kidding aside, I'm very happy about my first trade with Adam and will be getting his stuff in the mail as soon as I can. Also, Griese is a player I definitely needed more of since I wasn't really collecting football during his heyday. While I do have a few hits of Michigan's most recent national champion QB, I had a relative dearth of his RCs.  Even better, I got five of him in a Michigan uni and five in the NFL.  Thanks again for a great trade, Adam!

I hope you all enjoyed this trade recap, 99% of which was YouTube videos.

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  1. I was positive that Greise was going to be great in the NFL. I bought a ton of his rookie cards. Sadly I was very wrong. For that I have at least another copy or 5 of each of those cards. I saw him on your want list and knew I had to send them to you.

    I also was sure that Peyton Manning, Pat Barnes, Steve Mcnair, Eddie George, and Mike Alstott were all going to be great too. At least I was right with Manning. All the other guys have been sitting in a box for 14-15 years.