Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Yesterday's mail = today's blog fodder

Incidentally, "blog fodder" sounds like a terrible internet parody of a certain Mario Puzo series....

Monday was a very big mail day for me, but I didn't have time to blog about it until today.  You'll see that it was worth the wait, though:

More Sportlots:
You'll recall that Saturday produced my first set completer from Sportlots.  Or, if you don't believe me, click on the link.  So if you're counting at home, that's one completed set (2008 SAGE Hit football).  A bunch more envelopes put me that much closer to a few more sets (some of which were completed totally).  I want to wait for more to show up before I give you a recap, but rest assured, it'll be great.

More Blowout:

First, for $4 delivered I grabbed a Brandon Graham I'd been trying to get for a couple weeks.
Welcome to the fold, Brandon Graham #8--a 2010 SP Authentic auto/RC.  Michigan uni, RC/auto, love it.

Moving on, I saw a guy who was somewhat desperately trying to unload the remainder of a lot of baseball autos (mostly) and relics (a few), plus a couple numbered parallels.  I talked him down to $50 dlvd and got the following:

This was the keeper of the lot for me, a 2009 Bowman Sterling auto of Tigers Ryan Perry and Cale Iorg.  Perry, of course, has made it to the majors as a pretty good reliever after being drafted in the first round.  Iorg hasn't done as much to live up to his prospect status, but he at least has a cool connection to Detroit:
Yep, Cale's the son of the guy in the upper left, who shared a RC with legendary Tigers 2B Lou Whitaker.

The rest of these cards are up for grabs with the rest of my trade bait.  I'll eventually have everything scanned and labelled and stuff for easier trading, but for now here's some group scans for you guys to pick through:

Leave me comments/shoot me emails with trade interest or to ask questions about one or more cards.  Not a bad investment for $50, no?

More Sportlots celebration to come soon, I promise!


  1. If no one has claimed the Ni I'll take it. Let me know what you want for it.

  2. Damn you! You knew I'd been chasing a mike minor auto didn't you? And my love for those patch autos.