Thursday, April 7, 2011

It's Great to Be a Michigan Wolverine!

Michigan hockey plays North Dakota tonight for a date with Minnesota-Duluth in the NCAA tourney final on Saturday, and that only means one thing,


Update, 11:20 PM:  Holy crap, we're in!!!  Michigan will face Minnesota-Duluth at 7 EST on Saturday, the 9th.  It's been so long since Michigan won a championship of any significance (before I was a student, in fact) that this is fairly unfamiliar territory for me, which is a nice problem to have.  I can't believe of all the teams of the last 10 years, THIS is the one going to the finals.  I'm proud of how far we've made it already, exceeding expectations, and I couldn't be happier for Shawn Hunwick, unarguably college hockey's best story of the year.  Congratulations to my favorite Michigan sports team of 2011, now BRING US HOME CHAMPIONSHIP #10!  GO BLUE!

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  1. What the 2004 NIT doesn't count? :)

    Go Blue!