Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Remember Avantmas? Today's Terrelloween!

A couple quick things before the bulk of this post:

BA Benny group break reminder:
There's still a few slots left in BA Benny's awesome pack-a-palooza group break, so head over there and get in the game!

Catching up on mail:
This one actually came in last Saturday, but that was a group break day, so I haven't had a chance to post it until today:

This is a LaMarr Woodley 2007 Topps Performance jersey/auto/RC that I nabbed in a Blowout deal where I sold a couple Pedro Alvarez Razor Letterman from the last break, and I got this guy as a throw-in.  The trader, pskell02, was great and I highly recommend working with him, especially if you have Pittsburgh Razor letters he needs.  He was even nice enough to get this shipped back from CheckOutMyCards for me.

As promised, Terrelloween!:
I mentioned a few posts ago that after a relative calm in the storm that was my Blowout forum purchases, I made another one that might make y'all laugh.  Well here it is:  a guy had just an absolute ton of football listed, and I scanned it diligently for Wolverines.  A bunch of David Terrells popped up under each price range, though in total, one of each came out to be $100+.  I inquired about a price on those, and without having to lowball him, he responded excitedly (who wouldn't be if someone was offering money for your David Terrells?) with a GREAT price, and even threw in a bunch of Terrell RCs.  That haul is here (not including three doubles I accidentally got in the deal, not realizing I already had them):
Rookies group #1:  Pros & Prospects /1000; Crown Royale /1250; Bowman; Ultra /2499; Fleer EX /1000;  Score Select /275
Rookies group #2:  Fleer Hot Prospects Draft Day Postmarks /1825; Leaf Rookies & Stars; Elite /500; Fleer Showcase AvantCard /500; SP Game Used /500

2001 Bowman Chrome auto RC
2001 Fleer Focus Certified Cuts auto

2001 Fleer Genuine Future Swatch jersey (0281/1000)

2001 Fleer Hot Prospects Draft Day Postmarks auto (0259/1825)
2001 Fleer Hot Prospects Rookie Premiere Postmarks jersey (1465/1825)
2001 Fleer Rookie Retro Threads jersey

2001 Leaf Certified Materials Freshman Fabric ball-jersey (113/400)
2001 Leaf Certified Materials Freshman Fabric Mirror Red auto jersey (032/150)

2001 Leaf Rookies & Stars auto RC

2001 Leaf Rookies & Stars Freshman Orientation jersey
2001 Ovation auto RC (101/250)
2001 Playoff Contenders Rookie Ticket auto

2001 Playoff Preferred Rookie Materials ball (197/600)
2001 Topps Rookie Premiere auto

2001 UD Graded Making the Grade Rookie Signature auto (401/500)
2001 Upper Deck Ovation Game Gear autograph

2002 Absolute Memorabilia Leather & Laces ball-shoelace (08/25)
2002 Donruss Classics Significant Signatures auto (091/100)

2002 Leaf Certified Materials Mirror Signatures auto (41/50)
David Terrell-Anthony Thomas 2001 Upper Deck Top Tier 2001 Rookie Duos dual ball
Not a bad haul at all, and all that (including the aforementioned three I already had) for under $60 delivered, if you can believe it.  So another well-deserved shout-out to a good Blowout seller, brianshaft.
My favorite of the bunch is the Topps RP autograph.  I think I like it because it has some sort of glossy quality to it that the base cards don't.  I don't know enough about photography or card stock to explain it, but if you see one in person you'll know what I mean.
Here's a good opportunity for a snapshot of my current Terrell collection:
  • 25 total hits
  • 7 single relics (jersey, ball, etc.)
  • 5 dual relics (any combination, including multi-player)
  • 12 autographs
  • 1 autograph + relic
Additionally, this puts me at 187 Michigan football hits (205 in all sports), so 200 is just right around the corner!  Terrell becomes the new leader of the collection, taking over for Jake Long (though I have more of him coming in very soon).  I also made a great purchase on CheckOutMyCards (hooray for the offer feature!) but might not get those shipped for a while until I feel like paying the shipping fee or try to sell some stuff first.

Until I post more, a reminder that the collection is here (or you can go through the link on the bar to your right).

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