Saturday, January 29, 2011

Razor Letterman break #2 results

Well here's how we did. First up, pics of the haul:

More attention-whoring fun!

Box-by-box results:

Box 1:
Jordan Lyles HOU S 20
Jemile Weeks OAK S 5
Tyler Stovall ATL S 20
Curtis Petersen FLA E 5
Ryan Westmoreland BOS L 5

Box 2:
Brian Matusz BAL M 20
David Cooper TOR P 5
Kyle Lobstein TAM O 20
Jeremy Beckham TAM C 5
Anthony Hewitt PHI E 20

Box 3:
Isaac Galloway FLA G 20
Yonder Alonso CIN O
Robbie Weinhardt DET W 5
Reese Havens NYM A 20
Kyle Skipworth FLA W 5

Box 4:
Jay Austin HOU T 20
Brett Lawrie MIL E
Matt Wieters BAL T 20
Joshua Fields SEA D 20
Justin Bristow CHC S 1

Box 5:
Michael Inoa OAK O 20
Brett Wallace STL W
Colin Cowgill ARI L 20
Chase D'Arnaud PIT D 20
Justin Bristow CHC R 20

Box 6:
Ryan Flaherty CHC F 20
Jason Castro HOU R
Justin Smoak TEX A
Brett Devall ATL D 20
Pedro Alvarez PIT V

Box 7:
Chris Carpenter CHC P 20
David Cooper TOR R 20
Aaron Hicks MIN S
Tim Beckham TAM H 20
Roger Kieschnick SFG C 20

Box 8:
Gordon Beckham CHW C
Ryan Lavarnway BOS Y 20
Eric Hosmer KC R 20
Aaron Crow WAS O
Juan Carlos Sulbaran CIN U

Box 9:
Casey Kelly BOS E 20
Kyle Skipworth FLA H
Christian Friedrich COL D 20
Justin Bristow CHC B 5
Buster Posey SFG Y 5

Box 10:
Juan Carlos Sulbaran CIN U 20
Pete Rose CIN R
Reese Havens NYM N 5
Logan Forsythe SD S 20
Rashun Dixon OAK I 20

  • 12 unnumbered
  • 27 #d /20
  • 10 #d /5
  • 1 #d /1
All in all I'm very pleased.  We killed the last case by comparison, pulling another Posey and a Pete Rose this time, plus a 1/1, the first I've ever pulled myself.  I'm also thrilled with how the break went--we had 100% attendance and even a late add in Sam of the Daily Dimwit.  Plenty of trading happened and I think everyone's fairly satisfied again.  In all seriousness I might have to do ANOTHER another one of these!  I actually probably have to since I only pulled one Posey and didn't get BA Benny an Ike Davis of any kind.  By the way, keep your eye out for his own upcoming break real soon.

I pay post what each participant ended up with this weekend or on Monday, but what I have available for sale and trade will go on Blowout and/or eBay again, and I'll make sure everyone gets a crack at something they want.