Thursday, December 2, 2010

More MCG shenanigans

But first a quick reminder:

One day til those sweet boxes arrive.  Five slots left.

MCG stuff!

Well, I finally got involved in Play at the Plate's MCG-a-thon and I think we both came away happy.  Here's a quick look:

Basically this was a five-for-one trade, which means we both got something we wanted: Brian's amassing as much as he can to try to turn it into something better, and I got rid of some dead weight in preparation for getting my cards shipped. I asked for a Tiger, and a Tiger I got.

This paring down led me to try proposing another trade (which I rarely ever do), and unbelievably, I was actually able to make one I liked very quickly:  

Yep, I turned three cards I didn't want into one of Detroit-born Michigan alum and Tigers catcher Bill Freehan! I'm now very close to cashing out, so I thought I'd give everyone that reads this here blog a shot at what's left. A quick look:

1958 Don Ferrarese
1959 Gus Triandos
1963 Bill Dailey
1967 Fred Whitfield
1969 Gutierrez/Robertson
What I'm hoping for in return is Tigers cards from roughly these same years.  If you see something you like, please let me know.  If I don't get any interest I'll just get these shipped, but hopefully you can help them find a good home

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