Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Bribey McBriberson's box-breaking adventures

Let's be honest--when ISN'T it a good time to use this image on my blog?

Here's the deal:

Those group break (yes I just linked to a post right below this short post) boxes are magically due to arrive on my doorstep sometime Friday evening (UPS always delivers late here).  I know I only announced this break this morning but knowing that those boxes are coming has me wanting to rip packs and pull some hits for people ASAP.  However, we currently have 5 spots to fill (any one team still available below, read the rules for more details).  My offers, for pot-sweetening purposes:

1.  If you pay by Friday (leave a comment with the team you want and I'll send you Paypal info), I will include at least one extra hit for you, from your favorite team if at all possible.  To be clear, not a hit from the boxes, but still something that'll make it worthwhile for you (and possibly in a manner that gives you a few things to choose from)

2.  If you can't pay by the deadline of an hour before the scheduled break (more below), I will accept a non-refundable deposit of $10.  If you go the deposit route, I'll give you up to a week to pay the rest in full (but won't ship until you do).  If you do but don't end up paying me, I'll keep your $10 as well as the cards from your slot, so choose wisely
Deciding not to pay?  He chose...poorly...
3.  Also sweetening the pot, for each person you refer to the break that signs up (just have them mention you when they sign up), I will knock $2 off your slot fee (limit 3 referrals).  If you've already paid and manage to refer someone I'll just refund you the appropriate amount

How's all that sound?  On a related note, as a nagging reminder, once you're in please let me know what days and times work best for you.  I'll try to make it simpler and have us start with this Friday, Saturday and Sunday as options, which should work for me as long as UPS doesn't screw up.  Do those days work for those of you that have signed up or are thinking about it?  Afternoon (Sat. or Sun.) or evening (all three days)?  Just to remind you, I'm in the Eastern time zone, so adjust your clocks accordingly.

Have at it, guys.

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