Saturday, December 3, 2016

2016 trade package #19: happy Dougsgiving from Sports Cards From the Dollar Store

A few weeks ago I received an expected package from Doug over at Sports Cards From the Dollar Store, who was sending me pickups from the annual Expo he attends (and I'm sure a few other sources).  I think he'd spent time time amassing the contents because he mentioned that he couldn't remember most of what he sent.  I know the feeling!

I didn't have to open it to know it would be quality, but I did have to open it, because, I mean, new stuff from Doug!

You'll find the bulk of the package posted over on TMM this evening, but I have a few baseball-related items to show off:
From this year's Topps Update set comes a pair of Tigers that were new to the team in 2016.  Maybin came back to Detroit for a second tour of duty in late November last year, in plenty of time to appear in flagship Series I with...the Braves.  It was fun to see him roaming CF again and I feel like he was a nice spark plug for the offense when he was healthy.  I'm glad Topps finally got around to showing him with the Tigers since the team shipped his salary off to the Angels a month ago.  Topps gonna Topps.

Salty, whose name is awesome and serves to remind folks how to pronounce the "CH" sound in Italian--like a "K"--was a solid, cheap pickup a year ago since the Marlins were on the hook for his salary.  While his overall numbers were pretty Alex Avila-ian, he did pop 12 HR in 92 games (while hitting .171!).

Besides this pair of Tigers, Doug tossed in a couple more cards from the sport.  They actually come from one of my Michigan Baseball PCs, but I've decided to start posting those over here instead to get them more views since I think the baseball guys I collect generally have a wider appeal than those from the other Michigan sports.  And maybe that'll get more of you to send some stuff of those guys my way!
Steve Ontiveros 1986 A's Mother's
Steve Ontiveros 1988 Starting Lineup A's
Not only is this a fun new pair to go in my Ontiveros collection, it's also a pair of oddballs!  Sure, I'd seen some of those rounded Mother's Cookies cards around the hobby, especially within the blogosphere, but I'd never owned one until new.  Hell, I never even though to see if any Michigan alumni were represented, so Kudos to Doug for catching that and sending me Steve's card from '86, which looks fantastic.

The Starting Lineup card is a bit more familiar to me, though, as I have a similar one of Lou Whitaker.  Again, though, I wasn't aware that Ontiveros appeared in the set.  I finished up what I consider his "mainstream checklist" of 71 cards a while ago so I loved getting a couple more to toss in his PC.  Good looking out, my Canadian friend!

Again, don't forget to head over to TMM for a bunch of hits, 2016 Donruss football, a Detroit Lion card I'm actually excited to get, and more!

Thanks again for the great stuff, Doug, and I'm happy to say I'll soon be sending a return your way that'll send off 2016 in style.


  1. My cousin knows Cameron Maybin and says he's a pretty great guy off the field as well. My cousin lives outside Asheville which is where Maybin is from. He does a lot with some of the local little leagues and such which is where I believe they met.

    1. Very cool! Yeah, he seems like the type that enjoys the game and has a solid head on his shoulders, so that doesn't surprise me. That reminds me a bit of Curtis Granderson.