Sunday, June 5, 2016

Coming soon...

It's been more than a couple weeks since I last posted, mostly due to positive things, especially great weather and a fantastic trip to Ft. Worth for my best buddy's wedding.  Hopefully the weather keeps up, even if that means I end up posting less (if that's even possible).  I do have a few things in the pipeline, though, so here's a bit to look forward to on this here blog.

Trade packages  I have one in-hand to show off, and who knows, maybe I'll have more to go with that one soon.  I also expect to send more out pending receipt of my latest COMC package

Too many Verlanders!  Speaking of COMC, thanks to the Spring Cleaning sale I grabbed a fat stack of new Verlanders along with a bunch of other Tigers stuff I'm looking forward to showing off here when it all arrives

More PC player showoffs  I still have lots to scan and post from four of my biggest PCs:  Griffey, Gwynn, Maddux, and Ripken.  We'll see if I can make any progress with those this spring/summer.

Spring/summer cleaning  Ah yes, something I actually intended to do last year but never got around know...doing.  This version will likely focus less on cards (though there'll still be plenty!) and more on some of the larger stuff I'd like gone from storage, including Starting Lineups, Pinnacle Inside Cans, Donruss Studio Portraits, oddball stuff, and lots, lots more!

And other stuff, as I get to it when I'm not out enjoying the beautiful Michigan weather.  Happy spring/summer, everyone!

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