Saturday, June 18, 2016

2016 trade package #13: Cards Cards Cards

Cards on Cards
Kerry, owner of Cards on Cards--my favorite blog named with the same noun twice along with a preposition--sent me a very nice trade package a couple weeks ago.  It was stuffed with cards, and he hoped I could "use a couple of these!"  Well, my Cardinalphile friend, I'm happy to say I could use way more than a couple.  The very few that weren't new to me will be useful in an outgoing trade package or two, so I can use literally everything.

Here's what he sent my way this time:
Mini Miggy (literally, not Avisail Garcia) is waiting impatiently to get things started....
Lots of Tigers in one page, scan 1:  Miggy's back with a pair of recent cards while erstwhile Tigers Ty Cobb and Prince Fielder (the only time you'll hear those two mentioned in the same breath!) join wunderkind SS Jose Iglesias and a four-spot of unfortunately recently injured OF J.D. Martinez.  I don't think I'd had enough of J.D. to give him an individual section in my Tigers box but this quartet should just about do it.
Lots of Tigers in one page, scan 2:  I think I included that second J.D. in this scan thinking he was the guy pictured on the next three cards, the recently resurgent Victor Martinez.  Joining V-Mart Heritage-style is Anibal Sanchez with a cool Latino jersey.  Blog favorite Mickey Tettleton joins the fun with this older Ultra insert, and he forms a solid battery with a trio of new stuff for blog namesake JV.  I'm glad someone else was willing to send me the Marketside card because Topps is bad enough without throwing Wal-Mart pizza into the mix!
Lots of Tigers in one page, scan 3:  this is either a team set or just a nice chunk of the Tigers from 2015 Heritage, a solid looking set.  Of the nine players, Ausmus, Greene, and McCann are still with the club while Gose, Machado, and Ryan are available at AAA.  Cespedes, of course, was flipped to the Mets in a win/win trade (we love Fulmer!) while Chamberlain gets to suck elsewhere in the division and Nathan looks to get back on track with the Cubs.
And here's the last of the Tigers stuff.  Moya is J.D.'s replacement and I hope he proves to be an able fill-in for a few weeks.  He's got the talent to do it!  Stewart was Detroit's first-rounder last year and has more acting ability in his bat than his actress sorta-namesake.
And now get ready for exactly three pages (bonus points to Kerry for sending a multiple of nine!) of Cal Ripken Jr.!  In the interest of not already taking way longer than I should have to get these scanned I didn't put them into any kind of order, which actually ended up being kind of fun now that I'm looking at them.  The cards in this scan alone span 1989-2015.
I didn't do this on purpose but this second scan starts with three highlight-style cards:  the end of his Iron Man streak from '98 Fleer Update and his 3000th hit from 2001 UD and Topps.  Again you can see a nice mix of years and brands.  I really like the '96 Select checklist at the bottom because the term "Chase Program" referring to inserts was a fun throwback to the 90s for me.
Oddly enough this group features a much smaller time span:  1994-2000.  That would explain the variety in brands and products, including Sportflix (Pinnacle), Stadium Club (Topps), Pinnacle Performers (Pinnacle) x2, MVP (Upper Deck), Metal (Fleer), Upper Deck, Leaf, and Collector's Choice (UD).  Check out Cal talking on his totally portable mobile phone!

Once again, Kerry, thanks a lot for the generous additions to a couple of my favorite PCs and Tigers collection!


  1. I had a random Cal Ripken pile going on my desk for so long that I completely forgot why, so they ended up going to you. Hooray!

    1. Well I'm glad that worked out for me--thanks again!