Sunday, April 12, 2015

New supercollection announcement: a Sweet Lou-percollection!

My project to scan a bunch of new PCs, started in early February, is still in full swing, and I've even made some good progress!  I've already taken care of Kirk Gibson and Curtis Granderson, and the next logical player for me to tackle was Lou Whitaker.  I grabbed all his loose cards I could find and got those scanned, then took care of the rest that were stored in complete sets, which means I also scanned cards for my other PC guys from those same boxes.  A couple hundred cards later I had everything of Sweet Lou scanned, plus a nice chunk of the other guys as well.

In the process of putting together my inventory of Whitaker I took a quick look at his checklist on Beckett's OPG and came up with a count of 290 (non-1/1) cards in his collection, leaving out the really oddball stuff I tend to ignore.  Since the vast majority of that is from the junk wax era, I decided to make Lou my first non-Wolverine supercollection.

On that note, you can keep track of my progress with his Picasa Album and checklist.  I already have a bunch more cards on the way from Justcommons (noted in the linked checklist) and should be adding some from COMC before long as well.  That said, please feel free to include whatever Whitakers you have when you trade with me, even if they're dupes.

Coinciding with my work on this scanning project and chasing Lou's collection, I've revamped my player collections page a bit.  It previously comprised my Michigan baseball and hockey PCs only, but since a number of those players are relevant to many of you that read this here blog--Barry Larkin, Bill Freehan, Charlie Gehringer, and more--I decided to include the players I'm collecting and showing off over here as well--Griffey, Ripken, a few Tigers, et al.  I also tried to clean up the layout a bit since the number of players on the page has exploded!

So, to recap:  I'm supercollecting Whitaker, I want any you can send me, and you can now follow ALL my PCs on my player collections page.

And now, to celebrate getting all my Whitaker cards scanned, here's some highlights:

Lou is a Diamond King:

Lou plays with stickers:

Lou is actually Milt Cuyler:

Lou can fly/Lou can turn two:
Bonus:  same photo!  (1994 Pinnacle and Stadium Club)

Deja Lou:

Alan Trammell or Justin Verlander should be next up for the players whose collections I complete scanning, though I'm not likely going to wait to get everything of Griffey/Gwynn/Maddux/Ripken done before I post some, so I may mix those in as well.  Also, as I said, stay tuned for a bunch of new Whitakers from Justcommons soon!


  1. Does Whitaker have much in the way of "hits"?

    1. He has a small but decent number, though they tend to be pretty hard to find or pricey, especially his autographs.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, and I see what you did there!

  3. Sometime in the mid 80's, I purchased the 78T quad rookie 2nd basemen along with one of those special plastic holders. Not sure where that card went, but your collection definitely brought back a great memory.