Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Thank you, Jackie

Although today is not the only day he should be honored, Jackie Robinson should be on everyone's mind today.  He made so much possible for so many people that weren't being treated like people.  Much of that injustice sadly lives on today because stupidity, intolerance, and ignorance take a long, long time to disappear (if ever).  But because of him, a minority finally got its chance to prove it belonged, in more than just baseball.

Thank you, Jackie, for being the first, and carrying yourself with grace and dignity in the face of hate--from the fans, some of your own teammates, and even the sport itself.

Thank you for being such a memorable player and an inspiration to this very day.

Thank you for making this possible:

Thank you for having the guts to drag baseball kicking and screaming to a place where all men are equal.

Thank you, #42.

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