Saturday, March 14, 2015

2015 trade package #9: these Tigers are mine, Nachos

Chris from Nachos Grande is back at it again as he sent me a nice envelope a few weeks after gifting me a nice little haul in January.  Part of that package was a couple Barry Larkin needs from '93 Topps, and then I happened to comment that I didn't have their base versions.  Generous guy that he is, Chris sent those to me and much, much more!

I've posted the Larkins over on TMM for your perusal while highlighting the plethora of Tigers he sent my way right here:
Here's some of the Tigers I collect enough to keep sorted by player.  Henneman, Herndon, Lemon, and Sheridan are guys that didn't get much cardboard while with Detroit since they were with the team before the 90s explosion of products.  Parrish played long enough that he has a pretty good number of cards, many of which are when he was with the Tigers.  Fryman and especially Ordonez individually probably outmatch the other players combined!  Clete Thomas is not a guy I collect anymore but I'm keeping this 2008 Topps Gold parallel with my other unsorted Tigers inserts.
Here's what I believe to be part of a team set from 1998 Collector's Choice--I'm not sure since the set was split into two series.  Anyway, the point is that Chris sent me six Tigers, all of whom are familiar to me, including pitcher Willie Blair, who inexplicably won 16 games in '97, the awesomely named Raul Casanova and Frank Catalanotto, slick-fielding Deivi Cruz, Bob "How the hell was this guy a Rookie of the Year" Hamelin, and once-promising pitcher Justin Thompson, who was sent to Texas in the ill-fated Juan Gonzalez deal.

Also in this group is a '90 Topps of "Ken Williams," and OF/3B with Detroit for parts of 1989 and 1990.  Why did I include him?  You probably know him better as the GM and Executive VP for the White Sox!
Here's three cards I decided to specially highlight as they go towards player collections.  The Gibby is a (very cool) dupe (though I'm still confused by the "THIRD BASE" thing), while the Verlander and Sweet Lou are new.  Well, technically I already had the Pudge/Verlander by way of owning the 2008 Topps set, but thanks to Chris I don't have to scan it!
Finally, it wouldn't be a trade package from Chris with minis, specifically the incredibly well done Munnatawket version!  I landed the highly sought-after Chris Reed autograph along with competitive eater/muu-muu model Prince Fielder and some pitcher I collect sometimes.

Thanks again, Chris!  I've somewhat started building a new package to send back your way and I'll keep working at it until I have something worthy of  mailing to you.

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