Wednesday, March 11, 2015

2015 trade package #8: flat rate Fuji's chronicle of craptons of cards

If you don't know who Mark from the Chronicles of Fuji is at this point and you're reading this, congratulations--you're either the title character of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (great show, by the way!) or just crawled out from under a rock.  Either way, welcome!

Everyone's favorite short, chunky Japanese guy who collects cards blew me away with a flat rate box of cards a couple weeks ago.  Truth be told, I was so overwhelmed I put off scanning and posting them for way too long.  Now that I finally got around to it I'm excited to be showing them off.  Mark did a great job hitting several of my PCs, so there's plenty more to see over at TMM as well.

Here's the damage from an extremely generous blogger this time:
Tigers part 1, including a pair of Bondos and Frymans (Frymen?) and a couple familiar Detroit HOFamers.
Continuing with a few more random Tigers.  Some of these came from what looked to be team sets (or maybe at least close), but I generally kept those together as you'll see in a minute.
I singled out these three cards as they're PC guys whose collections I'm working on scanning.  My favorite is easily the 1985 Diamond King of Sweet Lou!

Now we move on to the team sets!
1984 Topps Traded!  Definitely a good group of guys to have since these players went on to win rings that year.  The recently-deceased Bergman plus Evans and Hernandez turned out to be crucial pickups for the '84 Wire-to-Wire Champs.
1986 Topps Traded.  I actually have the complete box set but it's not like I ever thought to pull out the Tigers and scan them.
Jumping forward a few years (or, you know, 12), we have 1998 Leaf Rookies & Stars.  This is actually a pretty solid group considering how poorly the 90s teams treated fans.  I'm especially glad to land another Tigers card of base-stealer extraordinaire Brian "Money, Power, Respect" Hunter. 
1999 Topps Chrome.  It's possible I had a couple of these lying around but I generally didn't go after Chrome during this era so these are nice additions.  Love the shot of former prospect Gabe Alvarez rounding third.
2000 Fleer Impact.  I never cared for the border design on these, but I think the Prospects cards look good.  Bonus points for Dean Palmer!
2011 Topps Opening Day.  Of this quartet, three will celebrate 2015's opening day, two with teams other than the Tigers.
2013 Panini Hometown Heroes.  This is a fun set that includes a bunch of players I'm happy to remember.  I find it a bit strange that Scherzer is included with a bunch of guys that hadn't been in Motown since the early 90s, but I can't fault the player selection--Morris!  Petry!  Lance Parrish!  This was my second favorite set Fuji sent after the '84 Tradeds.
Speaking of former Tiger Max Scherzer, Fuji Bipped the hell out of me with 20 copies of his SI For Kids card!  If anybody would like to buy one, you can have a copy for $1 now with another $19 deferred over the next 10 years.

Lastly the Tigers haul included a pair of hits:
First up is a 1999 SP Signature auto of former OF Juan Encarnacion.  This is my first hit of the player who went from being Detroit's #1 prospect to being included in the deal with the Reds that landed Detroit Dmitri Young.  Sadly he suffered an eye socket injury after being hit by a foul ball while in the on-deck circle during a game with the Cardinals in 2007.  It at least sounds like he's landed on his feet since then.  He has a nice signature and I've always approved of UD's design of this set.
Finally, the other autograph, hailing from 2002 Bowman's Best, is of former Tigers IF prospect Juan Gonzalez.  Obviously he's a different guy than the one that is most well-known for his time with the Rangers and Indians, but for all the good Juan Gone did in Detroit with his crappy play and attitude we might have had this guy out there.  Anyway, I've always been a fan of 2002 Bowman's Best and its shiny design and on-card signatures.

Thanks again for an amazingly generous and overwhelming package, Fuji!  Sorry I took so long posting it, but I'm glad to have taken the time to show off the scope of what you sent so others can be duly impressed.  By the way, I having the makings of a new (but far smaller) envelope to send your way, so hopefully that'll go out soon!

Stay tuned for more trade package posts shortly.


  1. No apologies necessary. Let's not even talk about how long I made you (along with about 15 other bloggers) wait while I put together your packages. I'm just glad the package arrived safely.

  2. I remember opening up a ton of Kmart boxes of Leaf Rookies and Stars. If I recall it was JD Drew's rookie year and his cards were going for obscene amounts of money.