Saturday, January 31, 2015

2015 trade package #4: a pequeño envelope from Nachos Grande

Everyone's favorite Reds collector/blogger Chris from Nachos Grande sent me a cool little envelope a week or two ago with a nice mix of Tigers and Reds:
The Gehringer, from 2005 UD Baseball Classics, is one I already had for his PC, but now I have one to keep with my Tigers collection, which is awesome.  Having two of a card with a great photo of a great player is pretty nice when you think about it.  Verlander is a more modern player that I of course love to collect.  Jumping back to the Reds I get a Griffey at the end of his trademark sweet swing.  It's one of his issues from 2008 UD, so the photo comes from his final All-Star campaign a year before he was swapped to the White Sox (which is still weird for me).  Tying up the group is Dmitri Young, whom the Reds sent to Detroit, and who played five seasons in Motown.

Those were pretty good, but what really kicked off the deal was a comment I left on Chris' blog about a couple cards he posted a few weeks ago:
Barry Larkin 1993 Topps Black Gold and Topps Gold (#110)
I noted that I didn't have either of these inserts from '93 Topps--in fact I didn't have any Larkins from that set at all somehow--and cool guy that he is, Chris sent them my way.  This is a beautiful example of why blogging and trading work so well together:  though we both collect the same guy, he had no problem sending me a pair of cards I didn't have.  And really, were I to somehow stumble upon a Larkin he didn't have, I'd happily send it his way.  That would be tough, though, as he's posted nearly 100 more Barrys than what I have in my entire collection of the superstar SS, and I'm sure he's got a ton that he hasn't even posted yet!  Anyway, I now own 245 unique Larkins, so I'm looking forward to celebrating a fun milestone soon.

Thanks again for another generous trade package, Chris!  I appreciate that you followed up on one of my comments by sending me stuff I needed and continued to cement your reputation not only as a prolific blogger, but also a great guy to deal with.  Readers, check out Nachos Grande whether you're a Reds fan, want to get to know other bloggers, or love group breaks!


  1. Glad you liked the cards! Do you really not have the regular base card from the 1993 Topps set? If so, I'm sure I have an extra Larkin from that as well.

    1. Thanks again! I actually don't but I'm sure I could dig up that base card pretty easily. I'm still trying to work on finding some Larkins you don't have. I do have some stuff incoming from COMC and Justcommons that I'll show off whenever they get here.