Wednesday, September 3, 2014

2014 trade package #25: Eric Eckstein's excellent (V)erlander

I recently made my first trade with reader Eric Eckstein, one of several people who participated in my giveaway/contest earlier this year.  He expressed some interest in the Ryan Nassib auto from my 2013 SPx Football box break, and after I added on a pair of cards he wanted from COMC, plus a Danny DeKeyser patch I acquired from Doug at SCFtDS, I ended up with a trio of cards I was happy with.  It was a classic win-win deal, and now I get to show off my loot:
Justin Verlander 2014 Panini Prizm Prizms Blue Mojo (#50/75)
This is the one card out of the trio you'll see on this here blog.  It's a beautiful blue parallel of Verlander's 2014 Prizm card, and as you can see it's numbered out of 75.  Panini went with a blue hue that's definitely up my alley as I tend to prefer darker versions of it, though Topps has gotten it right at times themselves.  As always with Panini, the lack of license issue comes up, but as usual I can't say it bothers me on a card like this where the rest of the photo and the cool border take your focus away from what's "missing."  The "Mojo" part of the insert name is a bit goofy, but it's not really being used in the same lame-ass context as box-breaking forum-dwellers, so that's not a negative either.  Overall it's a very nice addition to my Verlander PC and I'm happy to have landed it in this deal.

Tune in to TMM for the other two cards in the package--the ones I'd consider the REAL highlights of the trade.  Thanks again for an easy deal, Eric, and I hope we can make another one soon!


  1. I've opened a lot of 2014 Prizm. One of the better value buys for baseball.

    1. If you're not the rip & flip type (e.g. a REAL collector), you can probably enjoy something like Prizm despite the lack of logos, so I think you're right on the value part. Plus they're just kind of fun. You've sent me some nice Prizm stuff too!