Sunday, August 31, 2014

2014 trade package #24: Bowman Tigers From the Dollar Store

Doug over at Sports Cards From the Dollar Store recently sent me his sixth trade package of the year, and as usual you can see most of it over at TMM, but he did also include some Tigers that are perfect to show off on this here blog:
This is a near-team set of 2014 Bowman Tigers.  The player names are silver foil on a black background (for some reason) making them a bit difficult to scan, but the first six are Joe Nathan, Austin Jackson, Miguel Cabrera, Anibal Sanchez, Max Scherzer, and Ian Kinsler.  Devin Travis hails from the Prospects set.

Jackson, of course, has since been traded to Seattle, but it's still nice to get one last 2014 Tigers issue of the outstanding CF.  That's offset a bit by what I think is my first Tigers card of Kinsler, turning two with Oakland slugger Josh Donaldson trying to break up the twin killing.

Travis, a 13th-round 2B taken by Detroit two years ago, definitely merits inclusion in the Prospects set.  He's Baseball America's #2 Tigers prospect, and he's done nothing but hit since being drafted, adding in a bit of pop and speed as well.  What Detroit does with him in the future depends on Ian Kinsler, among other factors, but I hope he sticks around and makes it to Detroit before long!

Thanks for another fantastic trade, Doug!  Those of you reading this should know by now to head over to Sports Cards From the Dollar Store daily, AT LEAST.

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