Monday, July 14, 2014

7-13-14 card show report: diamond deals

I hadn't been to a card show since April, but yesterday the thought of flipping through some cards in-person was enough to draw me to the redneck haven that is Gibraltar Trade Center in Taylor, Michigan, before they close up for good.  Example of said redneckness:  a bumper sticker that says "Jean Claude Damn Van."  Oh you....

Anyway, I managed to get out of the place having spent a reasonable $31 over two purchase:
-$20 at a table full of $1 and $2 cards (mostly hits!), including 14 of the former and three of the latter
-$11 at one that included quarter and $0.50 boxes, plus some other hits as priced

I'll be showing off nine of my pickups on this blog and the other 10 on TMM this evening.  The rest of my purchases came in the form of trade bait that'll be out in the mail pretty soon, so some of you should watch your mailboxes with baited breath.

Here's the baseball stuff I scored, all of which came from the quarter and $0.50 boxes:
Paul Foytack 1960 Topps
Wow, a 1960 Topps card of a Tiger I've heard of for just $0.50?  SHUT UP AND TAKE MY QUARTERS.  This isn't exactly in terrible condition either.  It's not like I'm long on very vintage baseball stuff right now, much less Tigers, so this was a cool find.
Les Cain-Dave Campbell 1969 Topps RC
Speaking of vintage Tigers, how about two of them, multiplayer RC-style?  Cain pitched in parts of four seasons with Detroit, and interestingly enough, his #1 similarity score on Baseball-Reference is current A's pitcher Tommy Milone.  Campbell, who was naturally nicknamed "Soup," was actually a Michigan alum who appeared in parts of eight seasons, mostly with the Padres after he was shipped to San Diego in a deal that brought Joe Niekro to the Tigers.  I may just start a player collection for him!
Larry Bowa 1970 Topps RC
Phillies fans will surely recognize the guy on the bottom as Bowa played in the City of Brotherly Love for 12 of his 16 years, then managed the team for four of his six in that role.  That merits his inclusion as a significant rookie in my baseball RC collection.
Norm Cash 1974 Topps
I was getting close to the magic number of 12 $0.50 cards (12/$5 being the deal) when I dug this up and decided it should come home with me.  "Stormin'" Norman Cash was a well known Tigers slugger and '68 champ, so getting a vintage issue of him is fun.
Bill Madlock 1974 Topps RC
Here's a guy I know Matt likes to collect, although on his RC he appears with the Cubs instead of the Bucs; I suppose those with dyslexia might not see the difference.  Mad Dog was actually drafted by the Senators/Rangers, then traded by Texas to the Cubbies in a deal for Fergie Jenkins.  Madlock is probably best known for his seven years with the Pirates.
Tim Raines 1981 Topps RC
Today's final multiplayer RC features 808 base-stealer Tim Raines, known best for his seasons with the Expos and White Sox.  He and Lou Brock are each other's #1 Baseball-Reference similarity score player, but you can decide for yourself if you think he belongs.
Bill Freehan 2006 Greats of the Game Copper (#022/299)
My 75th Freehan card for his PC is this purdy Copper Parallel from another of Fleer's excellent entries in the Greats of the Game series.  I was shocked to find it at the show since I don't think I'd ever seen one for sale, not that they're particularly rare.
Ken Griffey Jr. 2012 Topps Mega Boxes Exclusive Chrome Refractor
And why shouldn't I nab a Griffey Refractor while I'm flipping through rows and rows of cards?  I don't have very many newer inserts of Junior, so I thought this would be a fun pickup.
Cal Ripken Jr. 1995 Studio Gold
Ditto this Ripken insert from the credit card-like '95 Studio set, which I'm still cool with, apparently more than others.  There really wasn't much of Cal to choose from, so I took what I could get, but even with a better selection I would've nabbed this.

Don't forget to head over to TMM to see my other scores, and again, some of you should expect a fun card or three in the mail soon!


  1. Raines = Brock? Hell yes. How Raines is not in the HOF is a damn crime. They guy did amazing things on very unamazing teams. And yes, that includes my White Sox.

    1. I'm down with that, and with guys on my team in the same boat, I definitely sympathize. I guess it hurts that he was overshadowed a bit by Rickey, plus on those obscure Expos teams.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Matt--thought you might like that.

  3. Great pick ups. Agree Raines should be in the hall

    1. Thanks, Mark, and it looks like you have company in the comments!