Sunday, February 10, 2013

Happy mail Sunday! (Yes, Sunday)

Hi Everybody!

So here's what I was doing most of yesterday:
Not counting two other packages I sent off earlier in the day, I packed up nine bubble mailers, a small box and a Medium Flat Rate Box!

The two that went out earlier in the day are the only ones that I got in before the PO closed, but I gave them priority because both are heading to Canada and will take longer than the rest.  The ones you see above just went to the PO this morning.  So here's a round-up of ZIPs/postal codes that can expect cards from me soon:

  • N8T 2P5
  • N2H 5M5
  • 57003
  • 62450
  • 20006
  • 23666
  • 91780
  • 91381
  • 85318
  • 99504
  • 17060
  • 98022
  • 35058
That leaves me with just one more package to send out, likely tomorrow or Tuesday, pending receipt of cards in my mailbox.  As usual, I had a blast putting all of these together, and I think many of you will be pleased with what I came up with, both from COMC and my personal collection.  Sorry again for the long wait if I traded with you and you were waiting for a return package!  I hope you'll find these worth it.  And even if you weren't expecting anything from me, you might be getting one of these packages anyway because I think you're awesome, so there's that.

Now we'll see if I can get my blogging ass back in gear today and put up a trade post I've been neglecting for way too long!

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