Monday, February 11, 2013

2013 trade package #4: Buckstorecards sends cards from America's Hat

Welcome to the trade post I put off for way too long as I worked to get a ton of trade packages out.  This is the second half of a package I received from Douglas of Sports Cards From the Dollar Store.  Please feel free to check out part one over on TMM, especially if you like hockey, eh?

So besides that glorious bounty, he included nice stacks of baseball (Tigers) and hockey (Red Wings):
Junk wax Tigers!  Many of these players bring back great memories, though--Evans, Tram, Whitaker, GIbby, Tanana, Petry, Morris--it's pretty much the '84 champs all over again!

The hockey turnout was just as great, with some junk wax trumped by some excellent modern stuff.  I love the Zetterberg celebrating the Winter Classic at the Big House that was ultimately cancelled, but will supposedly be back on next year.  The image of a European holding a helmet from the REAL sport of football is hilarious!  The Topps Puck Attax cards are also very cool, in extremely stark contrast to the crap they've put out in the other sports.  The idea of making them puck-shaped was totally natural, so why not do the same with baseball?  Anyway, there's tons of other players to enjoy here, including Lidstrom, Mr. Hockey, and goon extraordinaire Darren McCarty, but the real junk gems for me are the players I remember like I was playing NHL '94 yesterday:  Ysebaert, Probert, Cheveldae, Burr--what a group!

Not that I should be surprised to receive such a great hockey haul from a guy who hails from America, Jr.  Thanks again for a fantastic trade, Douglas, and I hope you enjoy your return package whenever it gets to you!


  1. And that's the benefit of having me decide to clear out old boxes. You never know what will pop up to include in a send out.

    1. Yeah, I definitely enjoyed doing the same last December and I was very successful in getting rid of a ton of stuff that I didn't want but that others seemed to enjoy. You're probably not the biggest Wings fan, for example, but I'll pretty much take anything of them you have! Thanks again.