Thursday, February 7, 2013

Check out Prof. Farnsworth's announcement

So guess what I found on my porch when I got home from work today?

It's one of those wonderful boxes from Washington stuffed with cards!  And as I previously mentioned, many (and some of the best) of those cards will be heading to people like you!  I'm planning on trying to get most of my shipping done on Saturday if possible, pending a couple other deliveries, but many of you should expect to see packages from me by next week, except those of you hosers in Canada, who might have to wait a bit longer.  I'm excited to be able to send those out finally, plus have a bunch more cards to show off, though all but maybe one will be featured on TMM.

Anyway, I'm too tired from work to write up a real post today, so instead, I give you the gifts of optimism and anticipation!


  1. I have some random Wolverines football auto for you, plus one of these if you're interested:

    1. Sounds great. I don't have any Cardinals stuff to trade you right now, but I can work on that starting next month if you're interested!