Wednesday, February 6, 2013

2013 trade package #3: the Dimwit restores the roar to my mailbox

Today's trade package comes straight from the dirty South thanks to Sam of the Daily Dimwit.  Sam's blog is one you'll want to read if you ever worry you're acquiring too many cards because the dude shows off simply a MASSIVE quantity of high-quality pickups.  And that's not even easy to do when you're a fan of the Astros!

Sam also happens to be an excellent trader, which is why this is my fifth trade with him on this blog alone.  He held onto a few cards for me while I put together a package for him, then sent them anyway before I'd even be able to respond.  How great is that?  Anyway, here's the sweet quartet of Tigers he sent my way:

Joel Zumaya 2006 Upper Deck Special FX Special Endorsements auto
Joel Zumaya 2007 Artifacts Antiquity Artifacts jersey (#138/199)
Joel Zumaya 2007 Artifacts Awesome Artifacts quad jersey (#44/50)
Before this deal, I had a pair of decent Zumaya relics in my Tigers PC.  Now I have a third single relic, a great quad relic, and best of all, a purdy, shiny autograph.  "Zoom-Zoom" is a Tiger I still like to collect even though he hasn't been with the team for a while (or in the Majors, for that matter) because of arm injuries.  I guess it goes back to good memories of that amazing 2006 season that culminated in the AL pennant.  The kid threw gas and was simply a blast to watch whenever he entered the game.  That's one reason I really like the Antiquity relic--the photo really captures the two sides of Joel, gregarious youngster and fireballing pitcher.  There's definitely many other reasons to be excited about this new trio.

Drew Smyly 2012 Topps Chrome Rookie Autographs auto
I don't know when Smyly will become a permanent part of the Detroit rotation, but I do believe it'll happen, whether it takes an injury, a trade, or someone else with enough of a brain to give him the chance he deserves.  That's why I'm thrilled to pick up an autograph of him NOW.  Topps Chrome autos are maybe second only to Bowman Chrome versions when it comes to players' best rookies, and I wanted to be in on the ground floor.  Fortunately for me, Sam was generous enough to include this beaut in this very trade package.  What Tigers fan wouldn't be excited about an on-card signature of this quality on an up-and-coming player on his team?

I want to extend another very big thanks to Sam for being one of my favorite and most-generous trade partners.  I promise you'll like what I send you way whenever I have it ready, although I'll crush your hopes of another J.J. Watt auto right now.  Everybody should finish reading this post, then check out Sam's fantastic posts about the Astros, his group breaks, and the inspiring amount of cards he adds to his collection daily!


  1. That Joel Zumaya quad is, indeed, awesome. So's the Smyly. I have your trade package all team-set-bagged up and ready to go!

    1. Yeah, man, Sam's got the hookup! Can't wait to get my stuff, and I hope yours makes it to you in a speedy fashion too!