Tuesday, February 5, 2013

2013 trade package #2: Phungo sends an easy fly ball of a trade

Before I get to today's trade package,
My latest COMC package has shipped!  With any luck I'll see it by Saturday, if not sooner.  After that I'll get to work shipping out all the trade packages I owe everyone.  You'll also see a few cool pickups over here, though once again, most of them will apply to sister blog TMM.  So there's something for many of you to look forward to!
Ok, trade package time.  This week's mail has been good to me so far, bringing me two bubble mailers worth of new stuff.  One of them was expected, and you'll see that pretty soon, but to the best of my knowledge, today's wasn't.

Phillies collector and custom-card artiste Paul of Phungo claimed a couple of my fall cleaning lots late last year, which as far as I was concerned was enough of a good deed by him.  Well, Paul apparently felt the need to send some stuff back, and it's all useful!  Here's some highlights:
These cards represent the very first Phungo Cards pack I've been fortunate enough to open.  The mix of players--current and former Tigers, plus Cal!--is great.  These will go with the rest of the signature blogger stuff I've accumulated via trades:  business cards, bumper stickers and the like.  If anyone's known for custom cards, it's Phungo, so those will definitely represent his signature item.
Speaking of (mostly) former Tigers, here's some more cool stuff.  I really like those Turkey Reds (a rare non-reprint/non-excessive parallel Topps insert), the GOTG Tram is sweet, and I love getting more Grandersons, natch.  The hologram, which I actually didn't have, is from '87 Sportflics.  The trivia question on the back:
"Only two teams have ever had two players who hit 500 or more home runs.  Name one of the teams and the players."
If you think you have the answer, first, make sure you remember this was back in 1987, then try to answer in the comments!
Some nice horizontal cards.  Denny's is an awful, awful restaurant, but they've put out some fun cards.  The Whitaker is a great action shot.  The Granderson is another Granderson!  And the three vintage cards hail from 1972, 1976, and 1978 respectively.
This last scan includes exactly zero Tigers, so what gives?  I needed all six for my almost-completed 2009 Topps base set!  If you take a gander at my baseball set wantlist you'll see that I'm down to just 20 left, which still amazes me, especially since for the most part I've acquired these through the generosity of some outstanding bloggers.

Free Tigers and set wants, PLUS he took unwanted cards off my hands?  AWESOME DEAL!  Thanks again, Paul--I'm happy we've completed our first deal and hope we can make more in the future.  Y'all should head over to Phungo and send your piles of Phillies his way while you're at it.


  1. Great summary - Got some decent shots of the Tigers players this yr, and wanted to make sure they got into the right hands.

    I still have to get up a posting of those Bill Russell cards that made it over my way.

    1. Thanks again, I totally agree on the pics, and I'd love to see that!