Thursday, June 23, 2011

hiflew Likes Ike!

Johnny told me to steal images, which I interpreted as all of his images
If you're reading this you may be one of my regular users, but more likely you were involved in Johnny/hiflew's exciting break over at Cards From the Quarry (and I do sincerely mean exciting considering what was pulled).  Johnny politely asked me if I'd handle a couple randomizations for him since I was otherwise uninvolved and therefore impartial.  I readily agreed, somewhat because we'd traded before and he's a cool guy, and mostly because he's got Ollie Williams doing his weather reporting.

Johnny's instructions were to take the eligible teams for each card and randomize them three times.  I now present to you live footage of said discussion:

With that out of the way, here's what you probably already scrolled down to, or thereabouts considering there's a shiny video right above this.  We've got two cards up for grabs from Johnny's 2004 Topps Chrome II baseball portion of his break.

The first that we'll Holy Hand Grenade into someone's loving hands is a Presedential Pastime Refractor of James Madison:
How many Refractors do YOU have, Marbury?  That's what I thought, so suck it!
Old Jimbo here was US President #4, was dubbed the "Father of the Constitution" and rocked a mean wig, so he's got that goin' for him.  Also he did lots of other stuff.  </public_education>  What I'm going for is that the guy was one of the better presidents to pull, so whoever gets this card is getting something pretty nice.

Here's your timestamped randomization, brought to you by, the sports card blogosphere's official provider of randomizations.  And now a word from Stampy, the timestamp elephant:
I got nothing, just wanted a cheap Simpsons reference
Here's your list of eligible participants:
Four teams vie for the J-Mad.  Who will it be?
And-a one
And-a two
Congratulations to "Jon" whose name I don't recognize but who will now enjoy the Refractor-y goodness of Mr. Constitution Sr.

I saved the big prize for last, which interestingly has even more eligible winners, the Presidential First Pitch seat relic of Dwight D. Eisenhower:
Pictured:  Ike giggling at the suggestion that Washington would throw THAT much money at Jayson Werth

(As opposed to Dwigt)
Johnny reported this as a case hit, and they are indeed 1:15 box-loader packs, so this was definitely a nice pull.  Ike was the 34th President and was a Republican, which means he automatically had it in for the possibly-yet-unborn Thorzul.  He's considered one of the greatest presidents ever, and this is a sweet addition to anyone's collection.  The seat, incidentally, comes from an appropriate place--Griffith Stadium in Washington, D.C., home of the now-defunct Senators (the ones that got paid to play baseball, not screw you) and the Redskins.

Ok, that's enough context, on with the button-pushing:
Well that many people will certainly make this more interesting.
And your winner is the OTHER team from Chicago, the OzzieSox.  Congrats to Darren on the big win!

So there you have it, a couple impartial randomizations.  High fives to both the winners and a tip of the hat to everyone else who participated in another fine break by hiflew.  Now to make you feel more at home during your time away from his site, here's some purple so you don't suffer from withdrawal:


  1. Lol, such a good post. I laughed so hard at the Harry Caray image.

    Side note: I currently work retail, and we sell a ton of blouses. And no matter how many times I hear the word, I always think of that Chapelle show skit. Every single time. Hilarious.

  2. HOLY SCHNIKEYS! And, I'm a huge, huge presidential history nerd! This is a stunning victory. Thanks for handling this! Sorry to everyone though - I know how it feels. I'm constantly the guy saying, "Oh frick - stupid"

  3. Thanks for covering Dennis. And this post was absolutely hilarious as well.

  4. Oh and BTW, Jon is from Community Gum, a great blog.

  5. I tried posting a couple times before, but it wouldn't let me. Switched browsers and here I am!

    Awesome post! Easily the best randomization post I've ever read/watched/laughed at. Of course, it doesn't hurt that I won the refractor.
    --Jon (not yet a household name)