Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday fun: autograph and memorabilia collection

Today I'm going to take a break from cards to show off my personal autograph and memorabilia collection.  Though I might have missed something here and there, this is a look at my collection of in-person autographs and game-used memorabilia that I've piled up through the years.

Bob Feller autographed OMLB ball:  I mentioned in my previous Feller post that I got to meet the guy a few times (as you'll be reminded of shortly) and one item I got signed was this sharp official MLB ball.  Does this guy have a great autograph or what?

Bob Feller autographed Indians hat:  I think this got signed at the local mall show I blogged about in the above link.  This was just a random non-fitted Indians hat I had at the time, and his signature came out nicely on it.

Bob Feller autographed picture:  This is a picture the mall was selling during the signing, and again, what a great signature!

Kirk Gibson autographed helmet:  My brother got this for me for my birthday or Christmas a while ago.  This isn't an official MLB helmet, just the plastic kind you'd get on a helmet giveaway day, but it looks great.  Gibson was definitely one of my favorite Tigers despite being a Michigan State alum.

Bob Feller autographed HOF program page:  Back to Feller for a second.  He signed this at a big card show (the first time I got to meet him, I believe) and was able to pinpoint the day that picture was taken.  What a guy.  (Sorry the picture's sideways--I tried uploading it four times despite the original being vertical, but Blogger hates me today).

Autographed official International League baseball:  I caught this foul ball at a Toledo Mud Hens game years and years ago (the summer between 7th and 8th grade for me) after it bounced off the overhang, dropped, and bonked a drunk guy near me in the head.  I got it autographed by some random Tigers farmhand, plus Butch Huskey, who was on a rehab assignment with whatever team at the time.  This is the only game-used ball I've ever caught at a baseball game of any kind, but I hope to get more eventually.
Fergie Jenkins autographed HOF program:  This is the same program that includes the Feller autograph above.  This is one of many I got at a series of large card shows at Gibraltar Trade Center, either in Taylor or Mt. Clemens, MI.  Fergie was cool and has a nice autograph, plus he's not a talentless hag that screeches in a crappy band.

Sandy Koufax/Tommy Lasorda/Walter Alston autographed baseball:  These two pictures show off one of the cornerstones of my collection.  My uncle had a friend who was a spring training catcher for the Dodgers way, way back, and he got this ball signed, which eventually found its way to me.  I don't remember how old I was before I figured out it was actually autographed, and by three Dodgers legends, no less.  It's yellowed from being old and left out (I don't think my mom was aware of its value either) but still great.  The first picture shows Koufax (middle) and Lasorda (top) while the second includes Alston's sig on the back.  A very cool ball to have considering Alston died a long time ago, Lasorda's getting up there and Koufax is fairly reclusive.

Warren Spahn/Willie Stargell/Fergie Jenkins/Gaylord Perry autographed OMLB ball:  These four pics show off an official NL MLB ball that I had signed by those four HOFers on several different occasions.  It's definitely a cool quartet of NL greats to have on one ball, and I may add to it eventually.

Cal Ripken Jr. unused ticket from his 3000th hit game:  Not very many people attended the Twins game where Cal nabbed his 3000th hit, so they shrewdly advertised unused tickets from the game for sale (including the COA you see there) for not much more than the face value of the ticket itself.  I jumped at the chance and still proudly hang it with my other memorabilia.

Scott Rolen 1999 Skybox Dugout Axcess autographed ball:  I traded for a redemption for this card way back, and months later I had this gem.  Keep in mind at the time that Rolen was a pretty big star/prospect.  It's still a cool piece in my collection.

Willie Stargell autographed picture:  (This suffered the same fate as the Feller program pic, sorry)  Another item I had autographed at the show Stargell attended, a great action shot of Pops and a great autograph.

Detroit Tigers autographed baseball:  This is a baseball from one of the Tigers' giveaway days and includes a bunch of different sigs.  The ones I can remember and/or identify:  Al Kaline, Mickey Lolich, A.J. Sager, Paws, Don Wert, Willie Horton.

University of Michigan hockey game-used puck:  I caught this puck at a game (against who I can't remember) from my student season ticket seats in what I believe was my senior year.  I was just a couple rows from the glass, the puck gently flipped over the glass and I managed to pounce on it before anyone else could.  I'll likely try to get this signed at some point.

Jake Long/Chad Henne/Mike Hart autographed football:  One of my favorites, I grabbed this ball on eBay for a nice price a couple years ago (before all three were drafted, I believe, or right around then).  It came with a COA, and while the price might indicate some shenanigans, I choose to believe I've got a ball with the signatures of three of my favorite all-time Wolverines.

Not pictured:  Detroit Tigers bat day giveaway bat signed by Gabe Kapler and Matt Anderson, which I'll get added eventually.

So that's it for now.  Next up I may scan the successes from my though-the-mail attempts years ago, which should also be a fun project/post.  And now a question for you readers:  what's your favorite non-card collection item?


  1. I've got several Chipper Jones autos, but my favorite is the full size bat my parents got me for Christmas several years ago. I love that thing!

  2. Holy smokes... you sure have some nice (autographed) balls!