Saturday, January 22, 2011

Manupatches & moustaches

Facial hair enthusiast/group break expert Eric of 87 Murphy Squirrels Fame has gotten himself a new baseball card blog going.  Since he's been such a great trader and member of my several group breaks, I definitely owe it to him to help pimp that new blog, Manupatches & Chrome Scratches.  I'm definitely a fan of the name and an even bigger fan of his current background, comprised of Razor Letterman patches from my last break.
Definitely make sure to follow M&CS or put it in your Google Reader or whatever you do because I'm sure he'll have plenty of interesting stuff to say about cards being an active collector, and it's not like the Major League team he roots for is going to be taking his attention away anytime soon (I keed, but seriously, the Royals aren't good).  And more importantly, get some trading on with the guy, I've had great luck with him and you're sure to make some good deals with him too.  All the best on your new blog, Eric!*

First yoink of his new blog!
*Fun fact:  the number of links to Eric's new blog in this post is equivalent to the number of wins the Royals' best pitcher, whoever the hell that is, will accumulate this year!


  1. Nice to see another Royals fan out there!! Of course that means I have more competition for their cards but welcome to the 'sphere