Saturday, January 29, 2011

Razor Letterman group break LIVE @ 3pm EST today

Oh yeah, that's right, I forgot, we're breaking another case today.  Relevant info for those participating/interested:

What we're breaking:  10 boxes (5 packs each) of 2008 Razor Letterman baseball.  One autographed patch card for pack.  Autographs come in variations of unnumbered (50 made), /20, /5 and 1/1.  Letters include one of each of players' last names.  100 players in the set, including Buster Posey, Mike Stanton, Eric Hosmer, Pedro Alvarez, and even Pete Rose.

Since I only got four other participants, we'll open 8 of the boxes for the break and draft from those, and I'll open the other two for myself (cards from the latter two will be up for trade if I feel like it).

Each participant will draft five hits from that pool of boxes.

    • 3:00 pm EST:  randomization of draft order (names go into in order of payment, then my name last.  I'll randomize three times, then as long as my name doesn't end up first, that'll be our draft order).  This will be shown on the Livestream.
    • 3:02:  start ripping packs (Livestream, below)
    • Immediately after that:  card draft (still in LiveStream because I'll be displaying a list of all available cards).  As before, this will be a snaking draft (1-5, then backwards, then forwards, etc.). 
    • Immediately after that:  trade-o-rama (CoverItLive, also below)
    Live stream:
    (NOTE:  I apologize for the copious ads.  I'll try to get through the packs quicker so you only have to watch a couple as I believe they appear every 15 minutes or so.  Since we're doing trading outside of Livestream it shouldn't be so bad this time)

    Please come and watch even if you're not involved--this is a fun set to watch someone break, and you may see something you want to buy/trade for!

    Draft and Trade-o-rama:
    (I'll mention this several times, but your comments will not appear until I auto-approve you.  Once we have this going, please leave a comment in the CoverItLive and as soon as I see it I'll auto-approve you and your posts will show up.  Good?  Good.)

    We'll do all our trading here to minimize the impact of Livestream ads.  We can all leave the Livestream open if you want in order to keep the card list handy, or I can distribute it in other ways, whatever everyone wants to do.


    As long as everyone's good about communication, I'll be shipping these out on Monday with USPS Priority Mail and Delivery Confirmation.  You're welcome to do any other trading with each other that you wish after the trade-o-rama, but once I've packaged up your cards on Sunday that's what you're getting, so make sure to contact me with any post-TOR trades by tomorrow morning, explaining exactly who should get what.

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    1. I'm hoping to be around for the break and the draft. Trading wasn't so bad the way we did it last time. At least we were able to communicate in real time.