Thursday, December 23, 2010

MCG or KITJ: #2

Well that didn't take long.  Today's episode features a two-fer for double the fun!

Today's contestant:
Again we have someone interested in my 1972 Bill Freehan.  User Meagan21 is dying for this card and makes two enticing offers (how to choose?!):  a 1987 Mike Schmidt and its all-star counterpart.  Maybe the chart will help me decide:

  • Michael Jack Schmidt!
  • Two cards to choose from
  • I think I only have five complete sets of '87 Topps and maybe 10-20 other copies of these otherwise
  • Only one choice makes things easier
  • Definitely rarer
  • Not as likely to be a poor condition buyback from Topps
  • Cards are no replacement for human contact, albeit a foot in the groin
  • Wood paneled cards are ugly
  • Ow, my balls!
  • If either Schmidt is worth a '72 Freehan, then I can probably take a Schmidt and trade it for a '68 Kaline!
  • Pain takes a few hours to go away; junk wax can be thrown away

And the winner is...
A KICK IN THE JUNK by a hairSeriously, do I need to rename this feature "Junk wax or kick in the junk?"?  For making this appalling offer, I now pass sentence on Meagan21:

Remember, everyone: keep those trade offers reasonable or Rod Roddy might be calling you from beyond the grave as the next contestant on

1 comment:

  1. I just got two offers:

    1987 Cal Ripken for my 1963 Red Sox Lou Clinto.
    1988 Pete Rose for my 1972 Skip Lockwood.

    Morons. I've got morons on my team.