Tuesday, December 21, 2010

MCG or KITJ: #1

Ok, I've had enough of this kind of MCG offer to get sick and tired of them, and it's about time I did something about it.  Welcome to a new Too Many Grandersons feature, wherein I publicly shame people who make unacceptable MCG offers while also making light of the situation.

Rest assured that you'll see plenty of these the next couple months due to the fact that I have a few desirable vintage-like cards (a couple pre-1970s and 60s, plus a '72 Bill Freehan that's uber-popular for some reason), and the world is filled with idiots hoping people will be more idiotic than them.

So without further ado, I present to you the first installment of

This took 5 minutes in MSPaint.  Deal with it.

Today's contestant:

  • It’s a card
  • It’s a player I’ve heard of
  • Ok, I’m out of positives, this offer blows
  • At least somebody will find it funny
  • Builds character
  • Not as painful as MCG
  • I think I have more of these than I have cells in my body
  • Ever heard of junk wax?
  • You’re seeing the same thing I’m seeing, right?  This is a serious offer?
  • Ow, my balls!
  • Seriously, has this ever happened to you?
  • Slightly less valuable than junk wax-era cards

And the winner is...

A KICK IN THE JUNK, by a landslide.  Congratulations, Stretch34, on your impressive victory.  To claim your prize, please drive your car off the nearest cliff, O'Doyle-style (banana peel optional) and stop wasting everyone's time with your dumbassed trade offers.
Hopefully pictured:  Stretch34
Until next time (which will be very soon, considering the number of horrendous offers I get), please consider your fellow MCGers when trying to offer that 1992 Walt Weiss for someone's 1963 Norm Cash, or you might be the next contestant on


  1. hahaha, I'm going to have to see what kind of crap I can offer to see if I can make it onto this killer game show!

  2. I just got offered a 1987 Mike Schmidt for a 1963 Lou Clinton.

    I wonder if it's naivety (a HOF player for a nobody) or someone being an ass.

  3. Randy Freakin Johnson! Sweeet!!! I'll take it! (Just kiddin'--I'll take my kick now!)