Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wasting words on lowercases and capitals

Mostly uppercases, actually

(Great song to go along with this post)

So the cool news of the day is that I got another Michigan letter patch/auto from eBay in the mail today.  This makes #2, but I have a third coming, which you'll likely see this week (crazy that I'm able to find them this often all of a sudden).  Here's patch the second:
Not bad, eh?  This bad boy is signed by former Michigan WR Adrian Arrington.  You might remember him from such highlights as these, against 2007-2008 Florida featuring Football Jesus:

That's great and all, but I'm just excited to have another one of these letter patch/autos featuring the ridiculous 2008 Michigan draft class.  So far that's Henne and Arrington, so anybody care to guess who I picked up next?

Also coming in a future post (ie, whenever it arrives), another sweet Michigan hit featuring MULTIPLE players...

Georgia Mindset still wants to break stuff:
2010 Bowman Chrome group break info here, should be happening reeeeeeal soon 

Around the blogroll because I have nothing else interesting at the moment and a lot of this stuff is great:
I should be back with a couple Michigan-centric posts within a day or so thanks to cards in the mail, plus hopefully I'll try to grab something from Meijer this weekend (I'm hoping to find some Absolute football racks or blasters or something), plus Georgia Mindset's group break is coming up, so look for posts about the results of that as well.  In the meantime, I'll be doing what I usually do this time of year:  following the NFL, college football and hockey, plus the Wings, and ignoring the boring-ass NBA.


  1. Sweet Letter Patch auto! I now take interest and even root for Michigan sometimes (except when they play ND or Penn St) due to your excitment for them.

  2. Congrats on another fine pickup for your collection and many thanks for the contest/blog plug.