Saturday, October 16, 2010

New trade package and other loot, plus Michigan game day

Trade package from Night Owl:

So a little while ago I sent Night Owl a trade package and he eventually blogged about it in grand fashion.  Today in my mailbox I received his self-described and self-deprecatingly-described "paltry" response, which wasn't paltry at all.  The goods:

-Wantlist cards I needed from 1994 Topps (one left!), 2000 Upper Deck (a lot left, but he sent me a Dodger!), 2006 Topps (just six left!) and 2007 Topps (one left!).  He also sent me card #391 from 1994 Topps, which would have completed my set if it was for 1995 Topps instead (nice try, buddy!).  Wantlist cards are ALWAYS welcome, no matter how many or few.  Please refer to the good ole wantlist here, as well as the Five or Fewer Club on the right bar down there somewhere on your screen.

-A few misc. Michigan players (football and baseball)

-Some very good current and former Tigers (think Verlander, Kirk Gibson, et al).

A quick look at some of the highlights:
Masterpieces Gibby, Goudy Gibby (with a familiar pic), Cabrera and Porcello shinies, and a couple Topps Gold parallels of former UM pitchers.  NICE!
All in all, a very nice return, and I hope to see more wheeling and dealing with Night Owl in the future.  Thanks again, buddy!

BlowoutCards forums loot

I've mentioned before that I get my vicarious pack-busting kicks by frequenting the BlowoutCards pack break forums, and while checking out a bunch of 2010 Donruss Elite Extra Edition breaks I finally found someone who'd managed to pull a Ryan Lamarre (Michigan) Collegiate Patches autograph.  People in those forums are often dying to flip stuff they've pulled, so it was really easy to convince the guy to sell me his for a price we were both happy with.  The spoils:
Pretty sweet, no?  Another nice addition to my Michigan personal collection.

Michigan game day

Michigan football looks to rebound from a disappointing loss against hated Michigan State against a tough Iowa defense today.  MGoBlog LiveBlog link here.  And as usual,



  1. Those UD Masterpieces are really awesome.

  2. Heh, you know I looked at that "1994" card and thought -- I've got the wrong year here. Then I thought -- no, I don't, and sent it along.

    Those sets from when I wasn't collecting still confuse me.

  3. Sorry we had to beat on your boys so bad and take out your #1 QB. Don't worry, there's always next year! :)