Sunday, October 17, 2010

Yet another contest

So, as promised waaaaaaay back in this post, I got a few doubles and some Black Framed inserts from my blasters of 2008 UD Masterpieces football.  A reminder of what the base and inserts look like:

(Just the Black Frames, not the other SPs)
I have 30 different doubles and those five Black inserts all available as the grand prize for a contest I will describe below.  First, though, the loot includes the following players (and more):  Brett Favre, Doug Flutie, Joe Flacco RC, Chris Johnson RC, Jim Thorpe, John Elway, Eddie Royal RC, Matt Forte RC, Randy Moss and Walter Payton (see the review linked above for a comprehensive look at doubles pulled).

The contest?   Predict how many total points will be scored by Tennessee and Jacksonville in their Monday Night Football game.  I'll take all predictions before the 8:30 EST kickoff (limit one per person).  However, you can get a second bonus entry by linking to this contest on your blog and sending me a notice that you did it, either in the comments or via email.

I'll then put all the correct entries, if any (as well as bonus entries for people who choose that route) into a randomizer and pull a winner, who will win everything listed above (again, not including the three white SPs in the second image).

Sound good?  Have at it, everyone--these are some sweet-ass-looking cards, and the package includes some pretty nice RCs.  All it takes is a few seconds to guess, so COME ON!

UPDATE:  this is for Spankee:

Entries so far:
1.  BA Benny:  51
2.  Dodgerbobble:  42
3.  Spankee:  44
4.  Waxaholic:  33
5.  Play at the Plate:  54
6.  Steven:  38
7.  Lonestarr:  56
8.  smpettyjohn:  52
9.  Jeremy, No One's Going to Read This Blog:  31
10.  Jeremy, No One's Going to Read This Blog (contest post)
11.  PhaLe28:  41
12.  Hackenbush:  45
13.  JohnnyG:  48
14.  Emerald City Diamond Gems:  34
15.  Spastikmooss:  35
16.  Greg Zakwin:  37


  1. I will go with 51 pts. I will plug later on my blog.

  2. 44...though I really wanted to pull a Price is Right and bid $1.

  3. 33, in one of the most boring monday night matchups ever.

  4. I'll go with 38. I really love the Manning/Tyree card from the set, although I saw its not one of your doubles.

  5. I think Chris Johnson goes off...I'll say 54.

  6. First instinct is 56, so that is what I'll go with.

  7. I say 31 points. I'll put up a notice on my blog now. Cool contest by the way.

  8. I'm guessing 34 points. And on a sidenote, the Maize and Blue better get it together and get a win against Penn State this weekend. I don't want a repeat of last year, get excited and we deflate like a balloon.