Monday, October 11, 2010

Them's the breaks and other stuff

Georgia Mindset is the baseball card Rain Main or something

<understatement>As mentioned occasionally on this blog</understatement>, AJ from Georgia Mindset did a group break of six boxes of 2010 Topps Chrome and two 2010 Topps Triple Threads(results aqui).  He put a lot of work into this break and things went great, so throw him a bone and check out his post and YouTube video (I'm stealing a bunch of other content from him, so I'm just linking to it here).

Anyway, I got in for the Tigers and Orioles, and to my somewhat surprise I did pretty well.  My biggest hits:
Scottie "Too Hottie" Sizemore base autograph:  after seeing him play this year I'm not so sure he's the future at second base (gimme Polanco back, plz), but this is a sweet card to have nonetheless

Brennan Boesch Blue Refractor autograph: 
Bart, your sister looks like Blossom! (and there's the requisite Simpsons reference, carry on)
as far as my break was concerned, this was the hit of the day.  I'd come pretty close to snagging a Boesch sig or two recently but held off for whatever reason, so this was a nice surprise

Other break stuff coming to me:
I don't recall seeing many, if any, Tigers and O's in the Triple Threads, but I probably got about 1-2 team sets each in Chrome (including the base rookies) and a Verlander Chicle or T206 or whatever, so some pretty nice results.

Again, big ups to AJ, whose breaks I will continue to participate in due to his sick pulls (oh what, you didn't see this bad boy from Triple Threads?).  Next up is 2010 Bowman Chrome, which I believe he'll also be tying to a couple more Triple Threads boxes.  Don't get left out in the cold this time--his prices are reasonable and his M.O. is more than fair--note that those who missed out on hits got put into a draft where they got to choose something nice, plus one lucky participant even got 24 wrappers to send back to Topps for their "No, YOU throw this crap out, Topps" promotion.  Georgia Mindset:  great box breaker, or GREATEST box breaker?

I knew I'd get to use my "Topps is dumb" tag again and again...

Dear Topps,
Thank you, thank you so much for letting people like "Jester" here make daily idiotic offers for the cards I actually value a little bit.  By all means, please don't create some sort of mechanism that allows me to tell this person, "Jester", that his offers suck donkey balls and that he can shove his junk wax Pete Rose card up his hidey hole?  In short,

FFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUU, Topps. FFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUU, Jester, whom I'm publicly shaming for your ridiculously bad offers since I can't do it on the MCG site.

Now that that's out of my system...ROUNDUP TIME (aka everything you probably already read if you use Google Reader or some equivalent):
That's enough for now, so enjoy all that reading, get in on some breaks and contests, and pray that the Yankees get their asses handed to them by the Rays or Rangers (we're all gonna need it)


  1. Too Much Grandersons is just too much for me sometimes! It was crazy doing the break live with you guys. If I had audio you would have just heard me laughing a lot because of the comments from you and BA Benny and the other guys. I can't wait for you to see the blue refractor auto in person, it is sweet!

    I will be hosting a '10 Bowman Chrome case break and will be posting it up soon on my blog and it'll be real affordable. I'd like to throw in a box or two of Triple Threads because the excitement is just too much!

    Now time for you to pull me a Chipper, Maddux, Heyward, or Moreno auto!

  2. That Sizemore auto is nice. I have one coming to me soon from ebay. Don't dump on him just yet, he's a hard worker, and may be a year or two away from being a solid producer. I have to stick up with him anyway, I've known him my whole life basically.