Wednesday, May 3, 2023

2023 trade package #10: Topps Cards That Never Were

Hey, why don't I show off another envelope I received last month? This one was a surprise from Florida resident Jeremy of Topps Cards That Never Were. Jeremy has been a fun trade partner as he collects the Rays as well as the Tigers, who will always remain my favorite MLB team even when their owners ignore their way to a perpetual rebuild. Here's what the maker of missing Topps cards PWEd up to me this time:
Up top we have a pair of Topps cards that ARE, both of Wolverines I collect. First is a zoomed-in action shot of San Diego's versatile Jake Cronenworth, who's switched to playing 1B from primarily 2B after the Pads acquired Xander Bogaerts. Though he hasn't put up gaudy numbers he remains a key piece for a team with playoff expectations. TCDb tells me I have 82 of his cards, and it's very cool to be well on my way 100 when a few years ago he wasn't even considered a serious MLB prospect.

Meanwhile, Barry Larkin's card is one that was made this year to look like it was made in '88. Obviously it wasn't since the photo shows Larkin wearing one of my favorite versions of the jerseys the franchise wore late in his career. His card back then looked like this,
and the stats on the back from his first two seasons didn't portend his HOF career, though 1988 would be his first of 12 All-Star appearances. This is one of 938 Larkins I own as I continue the march to 1,000+!

The last baseball card of the group stars a former Tiger, one who's due to face his former team in his debut for his newest one. Justin Verlander will get the start tomorrow a day after another former Tiger, Max Scherzer, leads his Mets against Detroit. Jeremy mentioned in his note that this Panini Prizm insert--a Red/White/Blue Prizm--is "the usual Verlander parallel" and that running joke has provided me with some very nice JV cards since the two of us have been trading. I currently count 568 many Verlanders in my collection and as always, I can never have too many!

Last up is a third Wolverine that he was nice enough to include. I've mentioned that the blue 2022 Panini Select Draft cards are the product's retail version when they've come up in previous posts, and now I have another one to add to my collection: GOAT DB Charles Woodson. The set's color scheme continues to complement the Wolverines found therein, especially since they appear in their college uniforms. As always, that's a big plus for me! I wonder how many of the 338 Woodson cards I own show him as a Wolverine? TCDb says just 18 which feels low, but that makes me appreciate the few that I have.

Jeremy, thanks again for the fun surprise PWE! As you can tell by all I said about the four cards you included this time I really appreciate you sending all of them my way. And I'm glad you liked the stuff I sent back down south. This may not be a good season to be a Tigers fan but I hope you're enjoying the resurgent Rays in 2023!


  1. The Woodson is nice looking card, probably even more so in person.

  2. Replies
    1. Yes, sir, I agree with you! Always great trading back and forth with him.