Saturday, August 13, 2022

2022 trade package #18: My Sports Obsession

Well it's already August--hell, almost halfway through it!--though today's felt more like a late September kind of day, 60s and rainy.

I've kept plenty busy with card stuff, especially TCDB as usual, and non-card activities (almost done with the new Lego Star Wars, reading, starting up Better Call Saul), and all of that has put blogging on the back-burner for me.

That said, I do have some stuff to cover, and most importantly I owe a very cool person a trade package post.

Longtime buddy of the blog Jeff of My Sports Obsession, a fellow Michigan fan who I know is also looking forward to the upcoming football season, hit me with a mailer last month that went above and beyond in quality. Check it out!
Jeff and I have a lot of player collections in common so it's fun to swap cards of them back and forth. I was really happy to see the four above cards of Cronenworth as many of his cards are still beyond reasonable/affordable prices. I've snagged a few through TCDB trades and I'm grateful to Jeff for sending more! My favorites are the Diamond Kings card (even sans logos) and Bowman Chrome insert since it's a Refractor. TCDB tells me I have exactly 50 of him logged so far, not bad!

My biggest PC remains one Calvin Edwin Ripken Jr., and he's another guy Jeff collects bigtime. Because I have over 1100 Ripken cards I looked at the above (and below, as you'll see in a second) base items Jeff sent and though, "Thanks, buddy, but these are all dupes." WRONG! Somehow I needed all but one of the Cals he sent me (seen in the next scan). That's a pretty big surprise because besides the volume of cards I have of the Iron Man, these pretty much all came from when I was going crazy buying all kinds of boxes/packs without any kind of focus. They're a terrific mix and I'm happy to have them.
Here you see seven more of Ripken, and the lone double is the Pinnacle Inside card right down the middle. If nothing else I'm shocked I didn't have the UD Starquest insert that opens this scan. The '98 Ultra base is the last of the older bunch and then we have a 2018 Topps Silver Pack card that came out two decades later. Maybe someday I'll have as many Ripkens as the number of consecutive games he appeared in: 2632. Thanks to folks like Jeff maybe I'll get there.

Oh yeah, and then we have the biggest surprise of this package. Out of nowhere popped out a 2016 Panini Pantheon Milestone Scripts Bronze autograph of Mr. Tiger, Al Kaline. Wow! Al had a beautiful signature, of which I'm well aware thanks to owning seven of them now, and let me tell you, it doesn't get old at all each time I get a new one. This one is from a set that celebrates certain marks, and as you can see it highlights Al reaching the 3,000 hit plateau with a total of 3,007. He achieved that count in his final season, 1974, his 22nd in the bigs. Interestingly enough those extra seven came from his 30-game cup of coffee in 1953 over 30 plate appearances. He's currently #32 overall in the category, with fellow great Roberto Clemente the last in the club with 3K exactly. Now that Miggy has joined elite company (he sits at #25 as of this post) it's hard to say how long we'll be waiting for the next member.

Anyway, this is a stunner of a card and I was absolutely floored to find it. And then I turned it over and it got even better:
Yep, it's limited to just 15 copies. Just amazing. Thanks so much for your generosity, Jeff!
That's not all there was by a long shot, though, because as I mentioned, Jeff and I both chase Wolverines as well. From the growing group of basketball alumni we have a shiny twofer of three-point machine Duncan Robinson, who just got paid, and a great college action Michigan uni card of Mo's bro Franz Wagner.

Football begins promisingly with a Gold Zone parallel of star CB Leon Hall's 2007 Score RC, #d 532/600. I do love numbered parallels from this era. Joining him is former 5* QB recruit Brandon Peters, a guy who looked like as sure of a future star as anyone. Things didn't work out that way and he transferred to Illinois, in whose uniform he appears in the above Bowman University card. One of Jim Harbaugh's earliest and most promising recruits at the position, it's a shame things didn't go differently but I'm happy he was able to get his chance with the Illini.

On the hits side of things, first up is another Michigan uni card, this time a great autograph out of Panini's excellent Contenders Draft product. Zach Gentry was a QB recruit who successfully converted to the TE position and got himself drafted by the Steelers. Next to him is a guy with whom the word "success" most certainly applies, at least during his career in Ann Arbor, Chris Perry. The insanely talented RB ended his four-year Wolverines career all over the record books and as a Heisman finalist in 2003. I love the 2004 Fleer Sweet Sigs Copper auto (#011/160) Jeff was nice enough to include here because I thought the trend of signatures on all kinds of manufactured materials was very enjoyable. I believe this is the fourth such card I have of him out of 56 hits. Very cool!

Jeff, once again, thanks very much for being so generous with this latest envelope! I was already going to appreciate the Cronenworth and Ripken cards and the Michigan additions were excellent, and then you blew me away with the Kaline! Hopefully I'll have some great stuff to send back your way before long, plus maybe at some point we really can get together for a show?

All of you should get on over to My Sports Obsession while I work on my next post covering last weekend's show. After that it shouldn't be too much longer before I start catching up on my latest batch of TCDB swaps. Until then, keep enjoying summer as those of us who watch look forward to the return of college football!


  1. It's not everyday that someone gets gifted an Al Kaline autograph. That's pretty amazing!

    I don't recall you ever mentioning Legos before, are you one of those rabid builders/collectors, or just interested in certain sets?

    1. Yep, big thanks to Jeff here! I'm not a Lego collector, I just really like the video games, and I was working on the newest one (the Skywalker Saga), which I've since completed! Loved the sets as a kid, though.

  2. That's the nice thing about collecting the same players, a lot of that were just dupes that I picked up on accident and I always check yours before giving them away. I only picked up a few of those to specifically go to you. The Kaline was worth it for you because you always send me great stuff. It was the least I could do.

    1. You're the man! And yeah, I love sending cards of the guys we both collect back and forth, no worries about competition or who has more. I ended up with a few items for you from the last show and maybe after one more I'll have enough for another package for you.