Friday, September 1, 2017

2017 trade package #19: I Feel Like a Collector Again

You know, I was all set to post this trade package today anyway, but it just so happens that it's now even more appropriate given events that transpired late last night.

Kin of I Feel Like a Collector Again had sent me some Tigers back in May, and he followed those up with a nice little PWE in July, which I'm very efficiently posting September.  Hey, I don't pretend not to be lazy!

Anyway, it's relevant that this one-card trade headed from Texas to Michigan.  And if you can't tell who it is by now, how's life under that rock where you've been hiding?
That's right, brand new Astro and still namesake of this here blog--I don't have any plans to change the name again--Justin Verlander made the reverse journey a couple months ago in the form of this Gold Border Mini from this year's A&G product.  Some times a little Verlander goes a long way--and hopefully that's the case for Houston in this year's playoffs!

Because I'm sure many of you will ask:  yes, I'm bummed to see my favorite Tiger of this generation, a guy that was with the team for 12.8 seasons, head off to greener pastures.  Along the way we enjoyed highlights such as
  • World Series appearances in 2006 and 2012
  • Two no-hitters (2007, Brewers; 2011, Blue Jays)
  • The 2006 AL ROY award
  • The 2011 AL Cy Young and MVP awards
  • Six All-Star appearances
  • 183 wins, almost 2400 strikeouts, and a bWAR of 54.4
  • Lots of goodwill towards the city
  • Getting engaged to Kate Upton
I'm certainly not the first blogger to see my favorite guy (and in some cases, blog namesake!) leave my favorite team, and like many of those others I won't stop collecting him or rooting for him (it's not like he went to the Yankees).  With the Tigers heading towards full-blown rebuild mode, I'm glad he'll head to a better chance at postseason success.  Plus, the haul the Tigers got for him is pretty interesting!

So thanks again for sending another Verlander my way, Kin--it's kind of a bittersweet day, but it's never a bad one when I can find JV in my mailbox.  It's not like I'll ever feel like I have too many!


  1. Sorry for your loss!

    "Too Many Miggys" has a nice ring to it. lol

    1. Or go old school.

      Too Many Bondermans?

      Too Many (Delvi) Cruzs?

  2. Too many Verlander Detroit cards.Now you get to start all over with his Houston cards :) I can relate,although, I was just a kid when Canseco got traded to Texas.I wish him luck in the playoffs.

  3. I think I'll throw up a little when that first Astros JV card rolls out.

  4. Happy to help your collection and get that card into the right hands. Also, condolences on your loss.

    I understand how you feel. Last offseason, the Blackhawks traded Andrew Shaw. He was MY guy and I had an amazing collection. I still have it, but I don't have the passion or desire to add to it. It was another in a set of incidents that has pushed me into vintage. I need to start selling it off.

  5. Well at least ( as of this moments ) You can add to JV's accomplishments !! WS CHAMPS !! GREAT POSTSEASON ( Even if he lost game six)
    My NEW Gmail is due to google hack & gmail change .