Sunday, August 13, 2017

Obligatory August post

Well it's the middle of August and I haven't posted since the end of July (or the middle of July if you include TMM!).  That's mostly due to a fun weekend trip with family to DC, some nice weather, and just being flat out pooped after work.

I promise I'll finish up the JustCommons series and get to trade packages and more, but for now I'm in the middle of

completing an epic Sportlots purchase along with

a normal one from COMC.

But I'm also also working on somewhat of a collecting-related project:  once again I'm doing a big-time cleanup of my basement, and this time I'm looking to pare down my card-collecting and sports magazines considerably.  While I'm going to keep a few, mostly on the basis of who's on the cover, I intend to give away (or toss) the rest, and the vast majority of those are
Image result for beckett baseball logo
old Beckett Baseball issues.  Some of these will have obvious homes, again based on the covers, but lots of them won't, and I'll try to put up as many as I can for grabs.  These won't be the cheapest things in the world to ship, but I've got a few ideas so I can try to avoid shaking folks down for shipping.  Anyway, look for a post on that soon (along with the aforementioned stuff) and maybe if you feel like it, leave a comment below if you have a preliminary interested in acquiring some old magazines from me.

Happy August and good luck to your playoff-chasing teams down the stretch!


  1. Glad to see a new post! I need to overhaul some stuff at some point too lol

    1. Thanks for still being a reader! You're sure to be one of my magazine recipients, by the way, unless you don't want any.

  2. I just tossed hundreds of older (early 2000's, and 2005 to 2010) Becketts and Tuff Stuffs away. Thought about sending them to fellow bloggers, but like you mentioned... the shipping was going to be insane.