Tuesday, July 18, 2017

2017 trade package #17: Sports Cards From the Dollar Store

Pal of the blog Doug of Sports Cards From the Dollar Store just finished showing off the most recent package I sent his way, so I'd say it's high time I get to the one that traveled from his great white north to my mailbox last month.  As is almost always the case this one's a two-parter with the bulk of the envelope posted on TMM this evening and some Detroit/MLB-related content right here:
Miggy came into the 2014 season needing just five hits to reach the milestone on the front of this Topps Update checklist (a Gold parallel, numbered 0668/2014), and a year after earning his second consecutive AL MVP award, he piled up 191 to blow past the mark.  As a matter of fact, as of the day I'm posting this, he's compiled exactly 600 hits since the start of 2014!  This card is also a fun reminder of Torii Hunter's two-year stint in Motown.
Hockey content on this blog?  It happens occasionally, especially when we're talking a (former) Red Wing like Osgood.  Although the three-time Cup-winner (twice as a starter) isn't pictured with Detroit on this 2014 Goodwin Champions Mini--UD appears to have gone with the team he spent the least amount of time with in his career, the Blues, in a move that's very Topps-ian--I'm happy to show this off and remember Ozzie's two separate and successful stints in Hockeytown.

I just showed off a bunch of new Griffeys, so why not one more?  This 2016 Topps flagship insert highlights the start of Junior's amazing 1997 season, with the back pointing out that he socked a pair of homers off the '96 Champion Yankees' David Cone to kick things off.  As a reminder of just how good the (unanimous!) AL MVP was in '97, let me remind you of the numbers:  second in the league (and fourth in MLB) in bWAR at 9.1;  tops in the game with 147 RBI;  best in the AL with .646 SLG, 125 runs, 393 total bases, 56 HR, and 93 XBH.  Oh yeah, and he was named an All-Star and Gold Glover (for the eighth straight season) and won his fifth Silver Slugger award.  So, uh, yeah, he was pretty good!

Thanks for the great TMV throw-ins, Doug!

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