Wednesday, July 5, 2017

2017 trade package #15: Baseball Card Breakdown

Baseball Card Breakdown

Tigers inserts and base

Bill Freehan in a case
Chewing gum that's thrown in


Black, gold, green, and red

This Clayton Richard bobblehead
Packages heavier than sin

New cards of J.V.
Alan Trammell x3

That defgav is full of win
And Gwynnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

Many, many thanks to Gavin of Baseball Card Breakdown for a truly fun mammoth trade package, one that warrants a mysterious part 2, coming to a Verlander-centric blog near you!  This one saw a ton of great stuff get added to my collections, from Tigers to Tonys, Mr. Padre and a former Padre (including a bobblehead!), 11 Verlanders, three Trams, and did I mention Gwynnnns?  From the fat stack Gavin sent I happily added 44 new ones to his PC, including a beautiful pair of early Stadium Clubs, that gorgeous Gallery of Greats, Masterpieces, and more!
And I love Gavin too!
Here's to trade packages!


  1. Aw, glad you like! I recently sorted my Gwynns and figured you'd be a receptive dumping ground for a healthy dose of dupes. Happy to hear you found a bunch you needed.
    Clayton has pitched a few nice games in his double-dip with San Diego, though I'm not much of a bobblehead collector, so I'm glad he found a loving home with you.

  2. That looks like a box from JBF. Gavin loaded you down for sure. Great stuff!