Wednesday, April 12, 2017

2017 trade package #8: I Feel Like a Collector Again

Time to get back to trade packages!  Including this post I currently have three to show off, though that could change quickly considering how generous and awesome many of you are.

So about a month ago I received my first envelope from Kin of the impeccably-named I Feel Like a Collector Again.  It was a three-card PWE that I'm looking at as a fun icebreaker that should lead to future trades, especially since his note mentioned he's got more to send me eventually.

Here's those three cards:
First up is a pair of 2017 Heritage base cards of DH Victor Martinez and reliever Alex Wilson, done up in the style of the Topps set from 1968, the same year as Detroit's second most recent World Series title.  Both of these guys factored in Detroit's win this afternoon over the Twins with V-Mart scoring a run on utility guy Andrew Romine's grand slam and Wilson earning a two-inning save.

Those guys were joined by another current Tiger familiar to anyone who can read the title of this here blog:
From 2011 Topps Chrome, this here is Justin Verlander's Purple Refractor (#271/499).  Kin's note mentions that he figured I already had this very card, but fortunately for me he was wrong!  Instead, it's my 237th different Verlander.  In terms of that year's rainbow I also own the base Chrome and Refractor from this set as well as the base cards from flagship and Opening Day.  It was nice to add some color to that bunch, not to mention a new Verlander in general.

Thanks again for kicking things off, Kin!  I'm looking forward to trading with you once I can pile up some stuff I know you'll like, but for now rest assured that I was glad to receive this Tigers trio, all of which were new to me!

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  1. Awesome that you didn't have that Verlander! I got your address off another blogger (obviously) so the PWE would be a complete surprise. I have become quite fond of surprising others.